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The first joint international project of Russia and Uzbekistan will be presented at the Tashkent Film Festival

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The Russian-Uzbek film "The Call Sign "Baron" will open a film festival in Tashkent.

The action movie "Call Sign "Baron" co-produced by Russia and Uzbekistan will be shown at the Tashkent International Film Festival in September 2022. This was reported to journalists on Thursday by the producer of the pictureIvan Arkhipov.

"We will open the Tashkent Film Festival, which will be held in September this year. A big event for both Russia and Uzbekistan," the producer said.

The director of the film isRustam Sagadiev. This is the first joint international project of Russia and Uzbekistan produced by the Inferno film company and the Uzbekkino National Agency. The film was shot with the support of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to combat terrorism, separatism and extremism. "In modern Uzbekistan, this is the first project so large, significant and high-budget. This is the first co-production, which was made by the joint efforts of the Uzbekkino National agency and the Inferno film company. We have already had a screening at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, where the leadership gathered. They watched and praised the film," the producer added.

According to the plot, an SVR agent with the call sign "Baron", after working undercover for one of the most influential drug dealers Bassam for five years, wants to leave the service and return to his family. But without it, it is impossible to prevent a series of upcoming terrorist attacks in Central Asia. The baron must infiltrate the ranks of the militants and have time to complete the task before it is declassified.

The filming took place in Russia, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and Syria. The roles in the film were performed Farhad Makhmudov, Tauekel Musilim, Igor Lifanov, Viktor Verzhbitsky, Victoria Tolstoganova, Sergey Astakhov and others. War correspondents also starred in the filmAnton Stepanenko and Evgeny Poddubny, who played themselves. The film will be distributed to 600 cinemas in Russia, in addition, the film is scheduled to be shown in the SCO countries.

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