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Moscow is turning into the cleanest city in the world

17.05.2020 119 просмотров

The capital of Russia is gradually coming out of quarantine.

The President of Russia granted the constituent entities of the Russian Federation the right to independently decide when to start a phased lifting of the self-isolation regime and a gradual multi-stage exit from the quarantine associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In accordance with the order of the head of state, Moscow has begun a gradual easing of epidemiological measures. So, from mid-May, a number of enterprises resume their work, subject to full compliance with all the rules prescribed by virologists. It is also hard not to notice that the capital of Russia is gradually turning into a sterile city in which there is simply no place for the coronavirus.

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Since the incidence rates of Muscovites are at least stable, and new cases of infection have become less numerous , it is possible that as early as May, citizens will be allowed to breathe fresh air in parks, play sports in nature and walk along the streets, avoiding large crowds.

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Despite the obvious progress made by the municipal government , Mayor Sergei Sobyanin urges everyone to remain vigilant and not give up either hygiene rules or wearing personal protective equipment, which remains mandatory for wearing in all modes of transport, except for personal, and in any store or at work outside the office. You also need to keep your distance from other people and refuse to shake hands.

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