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Moscow is preparing for the Victory Parade

14.06.2020 47 просмотров

Muscovites enthusiastically welcomed the national holiday of the country - the Day of Russia.

Despite the difficult situation - the COVID-19 epidemic that has not yet gone away - people found the opportunity to celebrate one of the brightest holidays of the year with walks in a narrow family circle and trips to the countryside, to nature. At the same time, there were no mass gatherings of citizens.

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At the same time, preparations for the historic Victory Parade are in full swing  in honor of the 75th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi invaders, which is scheduled for June 24 - on the same day as back in 1945. It is noteworthy that the few veterans of the Great Patriotic War, due to their very advanced years, welcomed the postponement of the date of the parade. 

Surprisingly, epidemiological considerations coincided with the deep symbolism of a significant date, the meaning of which is even more important in our turbulent time due to threats to peace .

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The rehearsal of the landmark military procession took place on the evening of June 14, when military equipment arrived in the city. However, Muscovites hardly felt any inconvenience, since the event began at 21.00 and took place in the evening and at night, when the city was already sleeping.

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