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The Chinese Foreign Minister will pay an official visit to Mongolia.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will arrive in Ulaanbaatar on Friday evening for a two-day official visit. This was reported on Friday by the Mongolian information site Igl.

According to the Government of Mongolia, during the visit, issues of economy, trade, borders of the two countries, major joint projects, as well as a trilateral economic corridor with China and Russia.

In particular, it is expected to discuss the completion of the construction of the Baganur power plant near the coal mine of the same name 130 kilometers east of Ulaanbaatar. Initially, Baganur was created as a Soviet military base, but after the discovery of a coal deposit, a city appeared there. In it, the USSR built a large production facility for the extraction of coal. Now it is one of the major industrial centers of Mongolia and is one of the ten largest cities in the country.

The Chinese Foreign Minister will also discuss with his Mongolian counterpart the construction of the Erdeneburen hydroelectric power plant in the western province of Uvs, which borders the Russian Republic of Tuva. If the issue of investments in this project is resolved, construction will begin this year and will be fully commissioned by 2026. This GRES will fully provide electricity to the western region of the country, which now imports 75% of its electricity from Of Russia.

In addition, the Prime Minister of MongoliaLuvsanamsrain Oyun-Erdene must sign and approve documents on logistics and border crossing with China. It was announced that access to the Hangi and Shivae Khuren border crossings will be improved. Through them, there is mainly export to China coal and iron ore.

In 2021, the foreign trade turnover of Mongolia and China reached 10.1 billion, of which exports amounted to 7.6 billion, and imports 2.5 billion.



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