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Mongolian presidential candidate intends to attract Russian investments

25.06.2017 78 просмотров

The presidential candidate from the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, Sainkhuugiin Ganbaatar, intends to attract Russian investors to the country if he wins the presidential election, TASS reports, citing the representative of the campaign headquarters of the party, Tserenkhuu Sharavdorzh.

  I supporter of Russia, because in I graduated from the Faculty of Law there and worked in Russia for some time  — he said.

The interlocutor of the agency noted that the mining sector will be the main direction of investment. "We need to involve Russia more in "projects", — he stressed.

Presidential elections in Mongolia will be held on June 26  Three candidates will compete for the post of head of state: Miyegombyn Enkhbold (Mongolian People's Party, until 2010  — Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party), Khaltmaagiin Battulga (Democratic Party) and Sainhuugiin Ganbaatar (Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party). The one who gets the absolute majority of votes will become the president. If neither & nbsp; y & nbsp; one of the & nbsp; not & nbsp; there will be more & nbsp; 50% of the vote, in & nbsp; the course of two weeks should take the second round of elections. In the history of modern Mongolia, the second round has never been held.

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