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Peaceful development, emergency assistance, knowledge ship, addition to the seal family – see "News of Greater Asia" (issue 825)

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Watch in the program "News of Greater Asia" (issue 825):
  • The Prime Minister of Cambodia called peace and political stability national priorities The President of Iran approved the law on the country's accession to the SCO
  • An exhibition of products for disaster rescue was held in Japan
  • The world's largest floating book fair has arrived in the port of Beirut
  • Four cubs were born in the Far Eastern seals in the Liaodong Bay

The Prime Minister of Cambodia called peace and political stability national priorities

Peace and stability remain the main conditions for economic development and an increase in the standard of living in Cambodia. This was stated by the country's Prime Minister Hun Sen in an exclusive interview with the Media Corporation of China. According to the politician, his government has carried out a series of reforms in various areas to improve the welfare of citizens.

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Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia: "There can be no hope for development without peace and political stability.
Disunity will do us more harm than good. In Cambodia, a long series of conflicts has recently ended, and we have created a single State, putting an end to five centuries of division. Over the past years, our country has managed to maintain unity and achieve rapid economic growth."

Prime Minister Hun Sen consolidated political power in the country a little less than a quarter of a century ago. After that, Cambodia began a period of rapid economic growth and social transformation.

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Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia: "I follow two key principles of governance: maintaining political stability and healthy macroeconomic development.
These are independent directions."

Before the pandemic, the average annual growth of the national economy was about seven percent. By last year, it dropped by two percentage points, and this year, according to forecasts of the Central Bank of Cambodia, it may grow to six percent due to the development of clothing exports, tourism, agriculture, construction and the real estate market.

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The President of Iran approved the law on the country's accession to the SCO

A new law on the country's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has come into force in Iran. President Ebrahim Raisi officially approved it and sent a letter with a corresponding order to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Earlier, the bill received an overwhelming majority of votes in Parliament and was tested by the Constitutional Council of the Islamic Republic.

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After these procedures, Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf handed the document to the President for final approval. Iran's plans to join the SCO as a full member became known a year and a half ago at the organization's summit in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Cooperation with the countries of the region became one of the main topics of discussion at the recent press conference of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic to Russia Kazem Jalali. The diplomat called this direction a priority.

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Kazem Jalali, Iranian Ambassador to Russia: "The basis of our foreign policy is, of course, the development of relations with Asian countries, with friendly countries."

In particular, the Ambassador spoke about the dynamic development of economic cooperation with the leading Asian powers, the joint fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.

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An exhibition of products for disaster rescue was held in Japan

60 companies presented their advanced developments for responding to natural disasters at the Tokyo Expocenter. One of the main exhibits of the three-day exhibition was a bright floating shelter in case of hurricanes. Ten people can hide in it. Roomy drawers are installed under the seats for storing food and food, and a capacious battery allows you to charge phones and turn on night lighting.

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Also, a pump capable of pumping water from a depth of 50 meters aroused great interest among visitors to the exhibition. In the event of a natural disaster, such a device will help to establish an emergency water supply. Due to the frequent natural disasters in Japan, the production of life-saving equipment is especially well developed. According to experts, the volume of this market in the country exceeds $ 60 billion.

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The world's largest floating book fair has entered the Beirut port

An unusual vessel recently stopped in the Lebanese capital Beirut. The world's largest floating book fair operates on board. Here locals can replenish their home libraries, choosing among five thousand publications for every taste. Visitors are assisted by 350 volunteers from 70 countries. This is not the only "literary vessel" — there are others.

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All of them belong to a German charity project that has been operating for 14 years. His mission is to bring knowledge, peace and hope to people. First of all, in troubled regions, engulfed by civil wars, political strife and economic stagnation. Floating book fairs within the framework of this program have visited almost 500 ports in 150 countries, receiving about 50 million local bibliophiles.

Saunval Petalia, Press officer of the Floating Book Fair: "The idea of the project originated with a group of friends who took books to Mexico and one day decided to deliver them to various corners of the planet.
It turned out that sea transport is best suited for this. That's how we got these vessels."

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"I am happy that such an important event of cultural and scientific life is taking place here. We came here with my husband and children to choose interesting books," says the resident of the floating book fair.

This vessel has already visited Beirut in 2010. It not only holds a fair, but also distributes books for free to local libraries. With part of the proceeds, the project buys literature from Lebanese publishers in order to sell it later during the next stops.

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Four cubs were born in the Far Eastern seals in the Liaodong Bay

The Far Eastern seals wintering in the Liaodong Bay have acquired long-awaited offspring. Recently, they had four cubs, which were noticed by Chinese naturalists during the next detour of the territory.

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Tian Jiguang, Director of Marine Research Department, Wetlands Protection Association, Panjin City District: "A few days ago I examined the frozen part of the Liaodong Bay to check the breeding conditions of the Far Eastern seals.
Then I noticed 13 individuals, including four cubs. We expect about 200 animals to be born here this year."

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Far Eastern seals are the only pinnipeds that breed in China. Every year at the end of October, they sail to Liaodong Bay, rest, have offspring, and then return to the north in mid-May. These rare animals are under the highest level of state protection in China. Every year more and more Far Eastern seals winter in the Bay due to the improvement of ecology in the Liaohe River estuary and environmental protection in China.

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