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Mekong Basin countries to cooperate in new ways

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On Tuesday, a summit was held in Tokyo, at which the partners adopted a new cooperation strategy for the next three years.

Following the meeting, the leadership of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar agreed to jointly solve the problems of lack of human resources, as well as issues of maintaining ecological balance. Much attention will be paid to the development of infrastructure projects and maintaining the principles of free trade in the Indo-Pacific region, TASS reports. . 
Georgia will create
free trade zone with Hong Kong

The delegates stressed that in order to maintain stability, it is necessary to continue the course of reducing tensions in inter-Korean relations. And in order to further develop maritime navigation and preserve the principles of freedom of navigation, all territorial disputes in the South China Sea should be resolved exclusively through negotiations. 

The Land of the Rising Sun considers the Mekong River basin as a very promising area for investment . Therefore, for the past nine years, Japan has been participating as an observer in the meetings of the countries of the region. Despite such a neutral status, Japan takes an active position in the work of the summit, in particular, following the results of the meeting in 2015 in Tokyo, they announced that they would provide financial support to partners in the amount of $6 billion.  

, the island country sees cooperation with the five states as an important geopolitical direction, since Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are located between the key players in the Asian region: China and India.

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