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Meeting of BRICS leaders took place under the chairmanship of the leader of Russia

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Under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin, a meeting of the heads of state and government of the BRICS member countries took place via videoconference.

President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, President of China Xi Jinping and The President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa exchanged views on the state and prospects of five-sided cooperation, summed up the results of the Russian BRICS chairmanship this year, considered topical issues on the international agenda, compared positions in connection with the upcoming summit of the Group of twenty".

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This footage is from China Central Television (CCTV)

During the meeting the leaders of the BRICS countries listened to the speakers who supervised the activities of the association. Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev informed about the interaction on countering the coronavirus pandemic, combating terrorism, and cybercrime. The President of the New Development Bank Markus Troijo presented data on the results of the functioning of the financial organization and plans for the next year. The President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin spoke about the activities of the Business Council, and the Chairman of VEB.RF Igor Shuvalov spoke about the BRICS Interbank Cooperation Mechanism. The report of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Rus Trade Anna Nesterova was devoted to the establishment of the BRICS Women's Business Alliance.

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As a result of the consultations, the Moscow Declaration was adopted, which reflects the consolidated approaches of the five countries to further development of the association, as well as the BRICS Economic Partnership Strategy for the period up to 2025 and the BRICS Anti-Terrorism Strategy.

Vladimir Putin:

Dear colleagues, friends, good afternoon!

I am very glad to see you all and have the opportunity to greet you.

Dear Prime Minister Modi , President Xi Jinping, Dear President Ramaphosa, Dear President Bolsonaro!

I sincerely welcome the opportunity to meet with you and work within our organization today.
But before we get down to work, I would like to congratulate the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Ramafoza, on his birthday and wish him good health and success in his activities for the benefit of the friendly people of South Africa.

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Dear friends!

The topic of our meeting is formulated quite broadly and includes issues of developing the strategic partnership of the BRICS countries in the interests of the global stability and security, as well as ensuring the innovative growth of our economies. By tradition, we will also discuss topical issues on the international and regional agenda and, taking into account the forthcoming G20 summit on November 21-22, very soon, we will compare our positions, compare watches on the most important aspects of the work of the G20.

If there are no objections, dear colleagues, let me declare the 12th BRICS Summit open.

In accordance with established practice , tradition, let me, as the head of state presiding over the association, be the first to speak at our meeting today.

So, dear friends, I would like to once again sincerely greet you and express satisfaction that, despite the special conditions during the Russian presidency related to the coronavirus pandemic, cooperation between the BRICS states has been actively developing in all key areas: in politics, in the economy, and in the humanitarian sphere.

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We have held 130 events, including about 25 ministerial meetings. Many, unfortunately, but naturally in this situation, took place online.

Of course, the task of developing collective steps within the BRICS to combat the infection, build up interaction between epidemiological services, protecting the life and health of our citizens.

By the way, the very topic of cooperation in the field of healthcare is not new for BRICS. In this sense, we found ourselves, relatively speaking, even in a more advantageous situation than some other countries. What I mean? Let me remind you that five years ago, the Ufa Declaration recorded an agreement to work together on countering the spread of infectious diseases, including – I want to emphasize this – new types of coronaviruses. As a follow-up to this agreement, the BRICS states have created an early warning system for epidemics. So in the situation with COVID-19, we had something to rely on. The BRICS members were able to quickly respond and take concrete measures in the fight against the pandemic.

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I would like to note that the Russian Direct Investment Fund has concluded agreements with Indian and Brazilian partners to conduct clinical trials of the Sputnik-V vaccine , and with pharmaceutical companies in China and India - about opening centers for the production of our vaccine in these countries, and not only for their own needs, but also for third countries.

I think that this very important. There are Russian vaccines, they work, they work efficiently and safely. The question is to carry out mass production. It's not exactly a problem, but it's the question we're facing. And of course, it is very important here to combine efforts for the mass production of these products for a wide civilian circulation.

By the way, the second vaccine against coronavirus, EpiVacCorona, has been registered in Russia, and a third is on the way. . In their production and use, we are ready to cooperate with our BRICS partners, as I just said.

We also believe it is important to accelerate the formation of the BRICS vaccine development and research center, which we have initiated at the initiative of the South African Friends, by the way, agreed two years ago at the Johannesburg summit.

Given the pandemic, each of our countries this year faced the need to take emergency steps to support national industries, finance, the social sphere, to engage in the restoration of their economies, their return to the trajectory of sustainable growth. This is what the BRICS Economic Partnership Strategy for the period up to 2025 prepared for the summit is focused on.

In the current conditions, the work of the New Development Bank is in great demand. The bank has set aside $10 billion to fight the pandemic, while the overall portfolio of investment projects currently exceeds $20 billion. 62 major projects are already being implemented in the countries of the association. By the way, a regional branch of the bank will soon open in Moscow, which will deal with lending programs throughout the Eurasian space.

I would also like to remind you that the BRICS countries have a special insurance tool in case of a crisis development of the situation in the financial markets – a pool of conditional foreign exchange reserves with a total value of $100 billion.

this year, the rules and principles of responsible financing of development institutions have been agreed upon.

The countries of the "five" are increasing cooperation in the field of science, technology, innovation, the BRICS Network University is operating, and this year the Mathematical Olympiad was held BRICS for schoolchildren organized competitions for young scientists and innovators and their research projects.

Intensive contacts have been established between our academic and scientific centers. The thematic coverage is impressive: from ocean and polar exploration to astronomy and artificial intelligence. Joint research is being carried out by experts from the five countries in the field of energy: reports have been prepared on the development of the fuel and energy complex in the BRICS states, and for the future until 2040.

cultural and humanitarian direction. The BRICS Film Festival took place in a virtual format – dear colleagues, we also agreed on this at the time. For the first time, a meeting of sports ministers was held, at which a Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of physical culture was agreed upon. A dialogue has been established between the tourism departments of our countries.

Dear colleagues, the situation in the field of global and regional security remains difficult. International terrorism and drug trafficking continue to pose a serious threat, and the scale of cybercrime has increased markedly.

Dangerous destabilization is observed in the Middle East and North Africa. Armed confrontations continue in Libya and Yemen.

There is still much to be done for a political settlement in Syria. The risks of an escalation of the situation in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf zone remain.

In addition, in September, as you know, the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh entered an acute phase. The Russian side made the most active efforts to help stop the hostilities between the two friendly states and encourage them to find a compromise solution. As a result of our mediation, on November 9, agreements were reached on a complete ceasefire and the deployment of a Russian peacekeeping contingent in Nagorno-Karabakh. All this is recorded in a tripartite statement signed by the Presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia.

It is important that the agreements mentioned above are respected. The hostilities have been completely stopped, the situation is stabilizing. Thus, conditions have been created for a long-term and full-fledged settlement of the crisis, and on a fair basis, in the interests of both the Azerbaijani and Armenian people.

One cannot but be pleased that the BRICS states support close coordination on the current international and regional agenda. A program document has been prepared for our summit - the BRICS Anti-Terrorist Strategy. The cooperation of the members of the association in the anti-drug and anti-corruption spheres, in the field of international information security is expanding.

High representatives of the BRICS countries in charge of security issues, heads of foreign affairs agencies and representative offices of our states are constantly in contact in the UN.

In the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism in World War II, all BRICS countries unanimously condemned the glorification of the Nazis and their henchmen, attempts to revise the results of the war and revive the ideology of aggression and intolerance .

The members of our association consistently advocate the development of constructive relations with other states, integration structures and international organizations, including in the BRICS Plus and BRICS Outreach formats that have proven their effectiveness . In our common opinion, such interaction should continue to be based on the principles of respect for the UN Charter and the basic norms of international law - the sovereign equality of states, non-interference in internal affairs and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

Dear colleagues , in connection with the holding of the G20 summit in Saudi Arabia on November 21-22, I would like to note that the approaches of the BRICS countries on most of the points of the work of the G20 are close or coincide. This concerns the reform of key global institutions - the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization.

With the direct contribution of the BRICS countries, a comprehensive package of G20 measures to overcome the negative consequences of the pandemic has been formed. The main emphasis is on restoring global production chains and the open nature of international trade. The Russian initiative on the so-called green corridors free from wars and sanctions, primarily in relation to humanitarian supplies - food and medicine, is going in the same vein.

In conclusion, dear colleagues, I would like to emphasize once again: Russia attaches and will continue to attach top priority to the further development of cooperation between the BRICS states, strengthening the positions of our association in the international arena.

I would like to thank all of you for your friendly support, well-coordinated and productive interaction this year.

Thank you for your attention.

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