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Maung Maung Zho personally tested the Su-30SM 

23.08.2018 181 просмотров

The commander of the Myanmar Air Force, General Maung Maung Zho, made a test flight on a fighter and even piloted it himself.

During a visit to the Kubinka airfield, the general decided to test the combat vehicle himself, which would soon enter service with the Myanmar Air Force. The Russian pilot and Maung Maung Zho, who was sitting in the co-pilot's seat, made a short flight. During it, they performed some aerobatics.

The pilots controlled the Fighter alternately. As the Russian pilot noted, the general very quickly got used to the cockpit of the combat vehicle and controlled it "smoothly and confidently." According to a source from the TASS agency, the commander of the Myanmar Air Force was delighted with the flight and control of the aircraft. 

Maung Maung Zho visited Russia on a working visit, during which negotiations were held with Deputy Head of the Russian Defense Ministry Sergei Fomin. 

Early this year between Russia and Myanmar a contract was signed for the supply of six Su-30SM fighters to the country's armed forces. Concerning the signed agreement, Sergey Fomin expressed hope that the Russian fighter would become the main combat vehicle of the friendly state's air force.

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