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Korea holds world's first election since coronavirus pandemic

15.04.2020 58 просмотров

In the Republic of Korea, despite the quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was decided to retain full civil rights for voters who are in strict self-isolation after possible contact with the sick.

In mid-April, parliamentary elections were held in the country. The opportunity to express their opinion was given to all groups of the population, including those 13,000 people who are suspected of being infected, but have no obvious signs of the disease.

These people also have the right to put their ballot in the ballot box - they are not excluded from the political life of the state.

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"Yes, we check every time that quarantined voters didn't use public transportation to get to the polling station," said Chung Kung-ha, an employee of the Korean Election Commission. they must be there by 6 pm - this is the rule for this category."

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Also important but note that after each quarantined voter, everything they touch is thoroughly disinfected. 

The country's parliamentary elections should determine whether President Moon Jae-in's reforms will continue to enjoy the support of the nation. We are talking about changing the tax policy, creating new jobs and continuing the course taken by the head of state towards rapprochement with the DPRK.

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The Republic of Korea was the first country in the world to decide to hold large-scale elections under strict quarantine.

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