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Knesset election results announced

26.03.2021 96 просмотров

Votes in Israel's elections have been counted, Netanyahu has won, but he has no coalition.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party wins 30 seats in the 24th Knesset and wins the March 23 elections, but the Prime Minister fails to create a stable coalition, since his supporters control only 52 seats out of 120 in parliament. This is reported by the state Israeli radio "Kan", noting that the Israeli Central Election Commission completed the counting of all ballots on Thursday evening.

The closest competitor —the Yesh Atid party of opposition leader Yair Lapid —lost one deputy seat and receives only 17 parliamentary mandates, and together opponents of Netanyahu seek control over 57 seats in the Knesset, which is also not enough to form a stable coalition. The right-wing Yamina party, which won seven seats, and the Islamist Raam party, which broke away from the Joint Arab List bloc, have hardly overcome the electoral barrier and received four deputy portfolios .

Kan notes that joining Netanyahu's coalition of the Yamina party will provide them with only 59 mandates with a required minimum of 61, and against entry other right-wing parties that support the prime minister are in the coalition of Raam representatives. These are the ultra-religious Shas (nine seats), the ultra-religious United Torah Judaism party (seven seats), and the new right-wing party Religious Zionism (six seats).

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