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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 493):
  • Chinese President and Iranian President held talks in Beijing Full-time education resumed in Chinese schools
  • The resort town of Wanning attracts tourists with sports and cultural events

Chinese President and Iranian President held talks in Beijing

China will continue stable cooperation with Iran. This was stated by Chinese President Xi Jinping at talks with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. The meeting of the two leaders took place in Beijing, where Raisi was on an official visit at the invitation of the head of the People's Republic of China.

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Xi Jinping noted that China supports Iran in protecting its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, appreciates the country's willingness to improve relations with its neighbors through dialogue, and will continue to participate constructively in negotiations on the resumption of the nuclear deal with Iran.

The Chinese President stressed that Beijing is ready to strengthen cooperation with Tehran in the fields of trade, agriculture, industry and infrastructure, as well as within the framework of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

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Ebrahim Raisi, for his part, expressed hope for strengthening cooperation with China in the field of trade and infrastructure. The Islamic Republic welcomes the investment of Chinese enterprises in Iran and expects more tourists from China to visit the country. The Iranian President also thanked China for its assistance in combating the pandemic.

At the end of the negotiations, the heads of state attended the signing ceremony of a number of documents on bilateral cooperation.

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Full-time education resumed in Chinese schools

Millions of Chinese students are returning to school. In the past three years, due to outbreaks of coronavirus and the anti-aids restrictions imposed, children often had to study online, but this semester they start at school desks.

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"I haven't been to school for three months, so I was a little worried before meeting with classmates and teachers, I didn't sleep well and woke up early to get ready for lessons as soon as possible," says one of the students.

Although protective masks and coronavirus tests were canceled, parents of schoolchildren had to take their children's temperature for a week before classes began. Schools have also prepared for full-time training.

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Huang Junpeng, Deputy Director of Quanhai Elementary School, Jinan, Shandong Province: "In accordance with the requirements of the health authorities, we have prepared disinfection products, masks, testing kits for every fifth student."

Schools will pay special attention to those who have recently recovered from COVID-19.

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Li Guozhong, physical education teacher of Jinling High School, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province: "Children used to run and play football and basketball.
Now, for such students, we try to reduce the activity of classes and add exercises that are just as interesting, but less intense."

In addition, psychologists have appeared in schools to help students adapt to returning to their desks and solve other problems.

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The resort town of Wanning attracts tourists with sports and cultural events

The resort town of Wanning is a popular place for surfing, both experienced athletes and beginners gather here. You can also go jet skiing, diving and other water sports here.

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Lin Ji, Forest Inn Hotel Manager: "The tourist flow is less now than during the Spring festival, but there are still a lot of guests.
Now on Wanning surfboard and sapboard enthusiasts, as well as photographers, come together. After all, there are such beautiful landscapes here."

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The city also attracts lovers of nightlife: there are more and more bars and restaurants here.

Robert, a tourist from Hungary: "The people here are amazing, the food is amazing, so you can really enjoy your vacation here.
During the day, you can sunbathe on the beach, surf, drink fresh coconut juice. And at night I recommend a walk through the bars – you can find a lot of places here."

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 Dmitry Tereshchenko, a tourist from Russia: "It's really unusual.
I didn't think there would be an evening life here. I heard that this is a place for surfers. It was interesting to see a place we haven't been to yet."

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Those who prefer to attend cultural events on vacation will not be bored either.

Li Yu, co-founder of the catering company "Sea la vie": "We, the owners of bars, hold several events every week, small art festivals and concerts, invite musicians of different genres - punk, reggae, electronic music and so on."

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Su Xiaoming, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Wanning City: "This year we will build a large-scale demonstration zone in Wanning, which will be interesting for both athletes and lovers of cultural recreation.
We will hold several high-level sports competitions and cultural events, which will contribute to the economic development of the city."

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Chinese Wanning has its own Bali. This is a small settlement in which a mix of all Southeast Asian cultures reigns with bright Indonesian accents.

Chen Shaosheng, CEO of Bali Tourist Village: "The main feature of our village, which attracts tourists, is that it looks great in the frame.
This year we will create even more places for beautiful photo shoots, open new hotels and restaurants in the style of Southeast Asia. Tourists can come here to get acquainted with the cultural peculiarities of other countries without going abroad."

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"It's just great here! – admires the tourist. - Already at the entrance you can feel the style and cultural atmosphere of another country. It's a very interesting feeling."

Wanning attracts not only Chinese tourists, but also travelers from all over the world. The authorities have deduced the formula for the success of the resort: "sport + tourism + culture + consumption".

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