Opening Asia for Russia

China has published the final version of the "Global Security Concept" put forward by Xi Jinping

21.02.2023 Телеграмм-канал "Китайская панорама" 29 просмотров

The document is published in English. It is noted that the main goal of the Concept is "to eliminate the root causes of international conflicts, improve global security management, encourage joint international efforts to ensure greater stability and certainty in an unstable and changing era and promote lasting peace and development throughout the world."

In this regard, 6 basic principles have been put forward:

1. Remain committed to the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security.

2. Respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.

3. To remain committed to and comply with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.

4. Take the legitimate security interests of all countries seriously.

5. To remain committed to the peaceful resolution of differences and disputes between countries through dialogue and consultations.

6. To maintain security in both traditional and non-traditional spheres.

The document notes that in order to implement these principles, China is ready to carry out bilateral and multilateral security cooperation with all countries and international and regional organizations within the framework of the Global Security Initiative and actively promote the coordination of security concepts and the convergence of interests.

In addition, the text puts forward 20 priority areas of such cooperation, as well as international platforms and mechanisms through which such interaction is possible.

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