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China, Laos and Thailand create a joint economic corridor

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China is seeking to develop an economic corridor between China, Laos and Thailand to benefit logistics, industrial development in Yunnan Province and WEC in the east of the kingdom.

China, Laos and Thailand are creating a joint economic corridor for the industrial development of Yunnan Province and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project. This is the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Yi said on Tuesday at a press conference following a meeting with his Thai counterpartDon Pramatvinay.

"China is striving to develop an economic corridor between China, Laos and Thailand to benefit logistics, industrial development in Yunnan Province and the WEC in the east of the kingdom," he said. According to him, such a system of routes that will connect the three countries will contribute to their joint development, and will also allow goods to be delivered to Europe. "The most important task is to create an economic corridor linking China, Laos and Thailand in order to build a system of economic interconnectedness of our three countries in the interests of their further economic development," he saidWang Yi .

Friendly relations between the two countries

"Our goal is to create a logistics link and develop trade and investment," he continued. — For example, to ensure the rapid delivery of agricultural products from Thailand to the markets of China and Europe." "In the future, our three countries can create codeshare transportation lines," he said. As an exampleWang Yi brought a high-speed durian delivery corridor for the rapid transportation of Thai product to the market.

"Despite the fact that turbulent events are taking place all over the world, friendly relations between China and Thailand remain strong, stable and reliable," he stressedWang Yi . "Our talks were extremely friendly and were held in the spirit of friendship and cooperation, our positions coincided on many issues."

According to him, the parties agreed that their current task is to "further strengthen the Chinese-Thai friendly relations," as well as to give them "even greater stability and stability." "We are confident that the main factor in the successful development of our relations is that the peoples of China and Thailand do not consider each other strangers," he said. "Both our peoples believe that the further development of relations between the two countries is good for them."

Areas of cooperation

"Our positions coincide on the issue of cooperation in the field of cybernetics, [therefore] we are ready to sign a memorandum of understanding in this area," the Chinese Foreign Minister said. "This will help the development of digital opportunities in China and Thailand, as well as increase the contribution of our countries to the global development of cyber technologies." "Currently, the cooperation between China and Thailand in the digital sphere is ahead of the achievements of some other countries," he added.

However ,Wang Yi drew attention to the problem of fraudulent call centers, which have recently intensified their activities. "As for the [fraudulent] call centers, both sides agreed that they should jointly fight them in all possible ways, which will serve to protect the real interests of the peoples of the two countries," he said. It is reported that the Foreign Ministers of the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding to combat this type of fraudulent activity.

APEC Summit

"China fully supports Thailand's role as a country hosting this year's APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Economic Leaders' meeting," he continued. "We support all three proposals submitted by Thailand to the APEC summit agenda." "The summit will be the first such event after the coronavirus pandemic, so it is extremely important for APEC," he drew attentionWang Yi .

According to him, the summit will focus on sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region and on building a free trade zone in it. "I am confident that the summit under the chairmanship of Thailand will further advance APEC on the path of economic development," he concluded.

APEC consists of 19 countries and two territories. Among them are 12 founders: Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and Japan. Also participating are China (joined in 1991), Mexico and Papua New Guinea (1993), Chile (1994), Russia, Vietnam and Peru (1998). In 1991, two Chinese territories joined APEC — Hong Kong and Taiwan. Thailand took over the chairmanship of the organization from New Zealand. The APEC leaders' meeting is scheduled for November 18-19 in Bangkok.

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