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Kim Ye Jung made a statement to the press

28.01.2023 ЦТАК 194 просмотров

The DPRK Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA) published a press statement made by the deputy head of the department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Kim Ye Jung.

The younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called the US statement on the supply of tanks to Ukraine and pumping this country with American weapons a "heinous step".

The machinations of the United States, which posed a serious threat of war to the entire European continent and caused reasonable alarm, are now moving beyond more dangerous limits, says Kim Ye Jung.

The United States, pumping Ukraine with numerous weapons, "distinguished itself" in stimulating the continuation of unstable world events, and recently clarified its confrontational approaches against Russia with an official statement on the supply of its tanks.

"This is the vile insides of the United States, trying to achieve its hegemonic goal by further expanding the indirect war aimed at the destruction of Russia. Without the United States, the world will be brighter, safer and calmer than it is now," Kim Ye Jung is sure.

According to her, it is the United States that poses a serious threat today and challenges Russia's strategic security, bringing the situation in the region to a dangerous edge.

"I have no doubt that any weapons that the United States and the West are proud of will completely burn down and turn into scrap metal in front of the unwavering fighting spirit and power of the heroic army and people of Russia," Kim Ye Jung says in his statement. "No matter how the imperialist coalition forces rage, they will in no way break the heroic spirit of the army and the people of Russia, who possess high patriotism, perseverance and steadfast spiritual strength."

"We will always be in the same trench with the army and the people of Russia, which stood up to defend the dignity and honor of the state, sovereignty and security of the country," said the most influential woman of the DPRK.

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