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Kim Jong-un ordered to modernize the launch satellite complex

12.03.2022 202 просмотров

North Korean media reported that leader Kim Jong-un inspected a satellite launch facility in the northwest of the country and instructed officials to modernize and expand the facility.

The ruling Workers' Party's newspaper Rodong Sinmun ran a front page report on Kim's visit to the Sohae Satellite Launch Complex in Dongchang-ri on the front page of the March 11 issue. based on expansion" to enable the launch of large launch vehicles, in particular with military reconnaissance satellites.

Kim Jong-un ordered the upgrade of satellite launch complex 2.jpg

assembling the missiles, as well as for their refueling and fuel supply.
On Thursday, North Korea said that Kim visited the National Aerospace Development Administration and presented a plan to launch more reconnaissance satellites into orbit.

Kim reportedly noted that the purpose of this plan is to gather information about the US military in Japan and elsewhere.

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