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Kazakhstan hosted the 18th congress of the ruling party "Nur Otan"

28.02.2019 115 просмотров

According to the minutes of the final meeting, the main result was a change in priorities. Course taken on  building a socially oriented state that cares about the well-being of ordinary citizens.

In addition, the composition of both the Politburo and the political council of the party was updated. The name of the party "Nur Otan" has been officially translated into Latin script. The party logo is now written in Latin letters.

Digitalization, industrialization and diversification in the context of the relevant plans ("Modernization 3.0", "Industrialization 4.0", "Digital Kazakhstan") were recognized as important, but not decisive priorities for the country's development.< br>
During his 45-minute speech to the audience, the head of Kazakhstan stressed that without a transition to a proactive social policy and the formation of a strong nation of healthy people, you will not enter the future. In this regard, the President of the country did not discuss the party program proposed to the congress "Prosperity society - ten goals of the decade", which approved general guidelines for the development of a socially oriented economy, support for business and entrepreneurship, and the creation of a comfortable living environment for the vast majority of people.

The head of state preferred to focus on approving immediate measures to be implemented over the next three years. Without the implementation of these plans, the leadership of Nur Otan cannot be preserved, the Leader of the Nation noted. In his speech, he touched upon such areas as healthcare, education, housing, assistance to large and low-income families. Thus, the government of the country received a specific action plan for urgent implementation.


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