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Jordanian parliament approves amendments to the country's constitution

15.01.2022 216 просмотров

The Jordanian Parliament approved amendments to the Constitution - it is assumed that they will be able to revive the political life of the country and strengthen democratic processes. 

One of the most significant reforms will allow the largest party in the National Assembly to elect the prime minister - previously only the king of Jordan could appoint the head of government. Other changes increase the role of political parties, ensure greater representation of women in parliament, and allow people over the age of 25 to be elected. 

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democratic political life, strengthening the role of parliament. This is provided for in many articles of the constitution, which have been amended, in addition to the law on political parties and the law on elections,” said Khalil Atiye, Member of the Jordanian Parliament.

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Today Jordan is a dualistic monarchy. This is the name of the transitional state system from absolute to parliamentary monarchy. According to Reuters, citing independent Jordanian politicians, the amendments to the constitution were an attempt by the authorities to restore public confidence in the state and defuse tensions among the population due to the failure of successive governments to deliver on promises to prosper the country and fight corruption.

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