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Iraq tests new system for voting in elections

01.05.2018 187 просмотров

It will be applied as early as May 12, when the people of the country will have to elect members of the national parliament.

The Iraqi authorities plan to use a new electronic system to monitor the course of elections to the national parliament, which will be held on May 12. It will allow not only to avoid violations, but also to announce the results a few hours after the closing of polling stations.

The Central Electoral Commission of Iraq announced that 60,000 electronic ballot boxes will be installed in polling stations throughout the country, united in a common system that will record the results of the vote and transmit them via satellite to the CEC for processing.

Employees of the Central Election Commission have already tested these devices and came to the conclusion that they are counting votes no less reliably than if it were carried out “manually”.< br>
In previous elections in Iraq, voters filled out ballots, after which they marked them with their thumbprint, previously dipped in ink. Thus, the country's Central Election Commission hoped to avoid violations. However, the process of voting and counting votes because of this know-how turned out to be too long.

Now, instead of thumbprints, ballots will be signed with an electronic “pen”, and the ballots themselves will be scanned for instant data transmission to the CEC. Commission representative Aziz al-Heikani emphasized that this process would be quick and free from fraud.

In March 2018, a delegation from the Iraqi Central Election automated system (GAS) "Vybory".

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