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Iran Visa Application Center in Dagestan has issued nearly 150 visas since April 2017

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The Iran-Dagestan Visa Application Center in Makhachkala has issued about 150 visas since it began operations in April 2017, head of the center Shamil Gadzhiev told TASS on Friday.

In the center, residents of Dagestan can get Iranian visas in simplified mode. “From 11 April 2017 to today, 147 visas have been opened: pilgrimage - 56, tourist -34, transit double urgent -19, transit urgent -19, urgent-pilgrim -10, urgent- eight, business & nbsp; - one, & nbsp; - explained the interlocutor of the agency.

According to Hajiyev, every month about 200 people travel to Iran from Dagestan, most of them are pilgrim tourists. Iran is also visited by businessmen from the Caucasian Republic and those who go for treatment.

In addition, about 1,000 people travel to Iran every month. truck drivers from Dagestan.

Cooperation between Iran and Dagestan

The representative of the Republic of Dagestan at the trade mission of the Russian Federation in Iran, Emin Aliyev, previously reported that certain agreements and  memorandums of cooperation are being worked out or have already been signed by representatives of the Russian region and Iranian provinces.

In addition, the representative office of Dagestan at the trade mission of the Russian Federation in Iran plans to organize the transportation of containers from Japan, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea through the Iranian ports of Bandar Abbas, Amirabad to Makhachkala, and from the port of the capital of Dagestan to Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg. Arrangements on container deliveries can be reached already in 2018 year.

Iranian investors, according to Aliyev, also plan to create an agricultural enterprise on the territory of Dagestan for processing rice and a pharmaceutical enterprise near Kaspiysk. Also, investors from the Republic of the North Caucasus Federal District plan to build an oil refinery worth $17 million in Iran.

As reported, the volume of exports from Iran to Russia increased by 36% over six months and reached $228 million. According to the results of last year, trade turnover increased by more than 70% and exceeded $2 billion.

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