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Iran and Qatar signed a number of agreements on the development of bilateral relations

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Members of the governments of both countries signed agreements on the development of cooperation between Doha and Tehran in such areas as the economy, energy, finance, transport and tourism.

Representatives of the authorities of Qatar and Iran, in the presence of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, signed several agreements on developing cooperation between the two countries on Monday in Doha. The ceremony was broadcast live by the Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera.

Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian signed a number of documents relating, in particular, to the work of the consular departments of embassies and to simplify the procedure for issuing visas for citizens of the emirate and Iranian citizens.

In addition, members of the governments of both countries signed agreements on the development of cooperation between Doha and Tehran in such areas as economy, energy (including the gas industry), finance, transport and tourism.

Joint press conference

After the signing ceremony, the Emir of Qatar and the President of Iran held a joint press conference conference at which they talked about the meeting between them today.

“We held talks with Mr. economy, investment, energy and tourism. Several important agreements and memorandums of understanding were signed today,” the emir emphasized, also pointing out the importance of the work of the joint economic commission, the last meeting of which was held in November 2020 in the Iranian city of Isfahan, and the next one will be held this year in Doha.

In addition, according to the head of the emirate, the parties discussed a number of regional and international issues, including the situation in Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, as well as the course of negotiations in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear program between Tehran and the countries of the "five" (Russia, UK, Germany, China and France). “Qatar is following the negotiations in Vienna with great attention and is convinced that the achievement of a new document will serve the security of the region and the whole world, as well as satisfy the interests of all parties with regard to the peaceful use of the atom,” said Tamima bin Hamada< /b> Al Thani.

At the same time, the emir invited the President of the Islamic Republic to the upcoming World Cup in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022, participation in which has already secured itself Iranian team.

In turn, the President of Iran said that Tehran aims to expand cooperation with all countries of the region. “This visit opens a new page in relations between Qatar and Iran. Today we reaffirmed that dialogue is the best way to resolve differences and deal with the problems we have. We strive to expand the scope of cooperation and relations between us and other countries of the Persian Gulf,” the politician concluded.

Speaking about the process of negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, Ebrahim Raisi said that at the moment it is important for the Islamic republic that "Washington demonstrates readiness to lift sanctions" from Tehran.

Historic visit

Ebrahim Raisi arrives in Doha on Monday for a two-day visit to participate in the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (GECF), which runs from 20 to 22 February. Al-Jazeera recalls that this is the first visit of an Iranian president to Qatar in the last ten years. As expected, the Iranian President's speech at the GECF will take place on Tuesday.

Earlier, Iranian media reported that the program of the visit of Ebrahim Raisi included, in particular, the signing of four documents on cooperation and discussion of the construction project underwater tunnel that will connect Iran and Qatar.

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