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International experts discussed the prospects of the EAEU

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The EAEU has become a long-term basis for a joint breakthrough into the future.

videoconferences “Eurasian Union: from idea to subjectivity, from subjectivity to efficiency”. The expert dialogue, initiated by the Russian Political Science Center "North-South", took place on July 9 at the site of the MIA "Russia Today". Representatives of the expert communities of the EAEU member states took part in it. 

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During the discussion, the experts considered in retrospect the evolution of the Eurasian process from the idea first voiced by the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev within the walls of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov in 1994, before the results of the first "five-year plan" of the functioning of the Eurasian Economic Union, shared their views on the prerequisites and prospects for expanding integration. anniversary. 

The role of Nursultan Nazarbayev in the Eurasian integration project can hardly be overestimated. In his person, Kazakhstan has become one of the locomotives for the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union in the status of an independent subject of international relations. Russian leader Vladimir Putin emphasized this in a special video congratulation to the hero of the day.

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considered the father of Eurasian integration. It is difficult to overestimate your efforts in the formation and development of the Eurasian Economic Union,” the Russian leader said, noting that the EAEU has become an effective interstate association.
The head of the Russian state recalled that Nazarbayev’s generally recognized wisdom and managerial experience earned him a well-deserved reputation in Kazakhstan and around the world. The Russian Federation highly appreciates the fact that Nazarbayev was and remains a consistent, staunch supporter of the closest relations with Russia, and is optimistic about the fact that the current president of the republic Kassym-Zhomart Tokayevcontinues the course of the Leader of the Nation and is active a participant in integration projects in the Eurasian space. 

Within the framework of the conference, a detailed analysis of the current macroeconomic indicators of the Eurasian Economic Union was presented by a political scientist, head of the sector of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine of the Center for Post-Soviet Studies of the Research Institute of IMEMO RAS Elena Kuzmina

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At the present stage, taking into account global trends, the activities of the integration association should be focused on developing internal potential, stimulating internal investment and internal

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The topic of regionalization was developed in the speech of the coordinator of the Greater Eurasia expert platform Sergey Masaulov. He stressed that the thoughts expressed in 1994 by NUrsultan Nazarbayev turned out to be prophetic in a certain sense. 

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such a choice is Armenia, reminded the political observer, editor of Dalma News Hayk Khalatyan.
In more detail about the effects of Eurasian integration for Armenia, the chairman of the party "In the name of social justice", an expert of the "Voice of the People" club Arman Ghukasyan.

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The process of expanding integration formats , according to the director of the Center for the Study and Development of Continental Integration "Northern Eurasia", political scientist, editor-in-chief of the socio-political portal Aleksey Dzermant, dictates the need for close communication between the expert communities of the EAEU member states. 

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President of the Public Foundation "World of Eurasia" Eduard Poletaev, reminded his colleagues that in the initiative of Nursultan N Azarbayev in 1994, it was about the formation of a confederal union of states, which implied economic, military-political, and humanitarian integration. But then the countries were not ready for this. By the time the Eurasian Economic Union was created, many aspects of integration were put out of the brackets.  

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Expectations from Kyrgyzstan's membership in the EAEU are connected with the implementation of the "four freedoms". This was stated by the director of the Kyrgyz Center for Advanced Study Gennady Karabanov.

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At the same time, he stated that under the conditions of the coronacrisis, many "superficial effects" have disappeared, in ensuring, in particular, freedom movement of labor resources: migrants who find themselves on the territory of neighboring states during the pandemic receive real assistance from the authorities of the partner countries. 

The fact that the EAEU has been and remains a priority of Kyrgyzstan's foreign policy was confirmed by the co-chair of the Club of Regional Experts « Pikir” (Bishkek) Igor Shestakov.

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For Kyrgyzstan, the expert said, Russia remains the main economic partner and Kazakhstan, and no matter how the future of the EAEU develops, historical ties will not go anywhere. But it is symbolic that in the current difficult period, Uzbekistan has become an observer in the Eurasian Economic Union. 

Following the discussion, the participants agreed that the Eurasian project, which was proposed by the First President of Kazakhstan a quarter of a century ago, deeply understanding the importance close interpenetration of the economies of the countries of the former USSR and cultural and historical ties, allowed not only not to lose completely & nbsp; positive potential of the past, but also became a long-term perspective basis for a joint breakthrough into the future.

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The creation of the Eurasian Economic Union in 2015 and its consolidation in the status of an independent subject of international relations contributed to the growth of the quality of integration rapprochement between the countries - members of the association, strengthening the image of the EAEU as a pragmatic and responsible partner.

In the future, taking into account current global trends, the effectiveness of the EAEU will largely depend on the ability to activate the internal potential and resources of the association based on the modernization of national economies, ensuring close industrial cooperation , creating their own intra-regional value chains, as well as from the readiness of national elites to expand mutual interaction in the humanitarian dimension of integration.

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