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Hukou Waterfall attracts many tourists

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  • Helicopter pilot and armored vehicle driver drills completed in China
  • Winter Paralympic villages will become a center of attraction for ordinary citizens 
  • Hukou Waterfall attracts many tourists

  • Changchun City Starts Distributing Free COVID-19 Test Kits b>

    In the provincial capital of Jilin, Changchun, authorities have begun issuing self-test kits for COVID-19. Since the rapidly spreading Omicron replaced the Delta strain, new methods of control were required.


    > Tests intended for self-use have been added to the protocol for diagnosing and treating coronavirus. Residents of the city received more than 3 million sets. Social workers deliver these medical supplies right to the door of the apartment.

    Li Kun, secretary of the CCP office in Xinhua District, Changchun City:

    “I received 6,000 self-test kits today. We have 12 teams that will distribute these kits among the residents of 66 houses. 


    Kits are given out to everyone, but residents with symptoms of coronavirus and those who had contact with the sick and are now in quarantine. 


    Self-testing is carried out at room temperature, does not require sophisticated equipment, and the result can be obtained in 15-20 minutes. Such tests are less accurate than PCR tests and cannot replace them, but they help to identify a possible source of infection in a timely manner.


    Helicopter pilots and drivers exercise ended in China armored vehicles

    Helicopters take off from the field airfield and fly towards the sea. Pilots of combat, transport and other types of helicopters of the air assault brigade begin training over the water surface. This is an exercise in the People's Liberation Army of China.


    Liu Shiyue, air assault brigade pilot:

    “At sea, the weather can change suddenly. This is undoubtedly the great complexity of our work. We must use various technical means, such as radar, to monitor the weather conditions on the route in real time. We also need to be aware of the technical condition of the helicopter. We are constantly on the lookout. When the weather worsens, we make decisions quickly.” 


    Nighttime training requires even greater concentration from pilots: poor lighting over the sea and various coastal effects complicate navigation.


    Zhang Guiyu, Deputy Commander of the Air Assault Brigade:

    tasks at sea. They will learn to cope with the difficult conditions of the battlefield. The exercises fully demonstrate the advantages of air assault troops for conducting combat operations in any areas, at any time of the day and in any weather.

    KP- 64-12.jpg

    At this time, at the foot of the Taihan Mountains hundreds of armored vehicle drivers took part in intensive training in various areas of the terrain. 

    Sun Zhichao, engineer of the armored brigade:

    “We individually evaluate weaknesses, study the driving style of each driver and offer personal methods for improving performance. This is necessary to increase the effectiveness of training.


    The purpose of these trainings is to teach armored vehicle drivers to overcome obstacles in real combat conditions. This requires the skills of theoretical analysis and the ability to assess the terrain.


    Winter Paralympic villages will become a center of attraction for ordinary citizens

    The last members of the delegations and representatives of the International Paralympic Committee left the Paralympic Villages in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. Now these facilities are officially closed. During the Games, the villages became a real home for all the participants, because there was everything that a person uses in everyday life - cafes and restaurants, dry cleaners, clinics and hospitals, fitness centers, conference rooms, places for entertainment and shopping, exhibitions, transport and much more.


    Shen Qianfan, member of the Organizing Committee of the Paralympic Winter Games:

    « The Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Villages operated in a "closed loop" system for 58 days - from January 18 to March 16, before the official closing day. Now we need to take inventory of all equipment. Employees will be under medical supervision. We will dismantle unnecessary equipment and carefully disinfect everything, and then the villages will begin to live a new life. 


    The authorities have big plans for these territories: the premises where athletes lived during the Games , will be rented out to ordinary people. The reception hall and the media center, the square where the awards were held, will become a place of attraction for many Beijingers: here you can go shopping, work out, have a bite to eat and just relax.

    KP -64-21.jpg

    Other Olympic and Paralympic villages too soon they will receive guests: a hotel will open in Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou will work as a sanatorium.


    Hukou Waterfall Attracts Many Tourists

    Thousands spectators are fascinated by the rapid flow of water. It breaks noisily into the Huang He channel and a cloud of drops forms around. Under the rays of the sun, a bright rainbow is visible above the water. 


    This is the famous Hukou waterfall. Now - during the flood - it is especially beautiful. In the upper reaches of the Yellow River, ice is melting and the flow of water reaches 2,000 cubic meters per second. The amazing landscape gives the observers unforgettable emotions.


    High water usually starts in March and lasts about a month. The water flows past the blossoming peach trees, which is why the spring flood at Hukou is poetically called "peach blossom flood".