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Georgia does not intend to postpone elections due to coronavirus

25.08.2021 47 просмотров

The CEC of Georgia sees no need to postpone local elections due to the coronavirus.

The CEC of Georgia is taking all the necessary measures to ensure that the elections to local authorities scheduled for October 2 are held in a safe environment for citizens, despite the high rate of spread of the coronavirus. As the head of the Central Election Commission Georgy Kalandarishvilion the Rustavi 2 TV channel said on Tuesday, due to this there is no need to postpone the voting date.

“The steps that we have taken since creating the appropriate legal framework, conducting rapid tests, calls for vaccination, at this stage give us the opportunity to conduct pre-election preparations. Accordingly, despite the high daily rate of infection, there is no need to postpone (elections - TASS note) or suspend the process,” saidGiorgi Kalandarishvili.

Former Georgian Ombudsman Nino Lomjaria called on the authorities and the opposition to think about postponing the elections due to the coronavirus. The idea of the Public Defender was supported by the opposition parties Agmashenebeli Strategy and Lelo for Georgia.

The first case of coronavirus infection in Georgia was recorded on February 26, 2020. Since July, an increase in the incidence has been noted in the republic. On August 17, an anti-record was recorded for the number of infected people - 6,208 people. At the moment, 523,022 cases of infection (14.03% of the population) have been recorded, 458,265 patients have recovered, 6,891 people have died. On August 21, a record daily death rate due to infection was recorded - 74 people.

Since March 15, Georgia has been vaccinating against coronavirus with drugs from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sinopharm and Sinovac Biotech. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, 306,151 people have received both components of the vaccine since the beginning of the campaign, which is 8.21% of the population of the republic.

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