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Georgia completes parliamentary elections

23.11.2020 242 просмотров

In Tbilisi, the ruling party won the parliamentary elections.

In Georgia, the ruling Georgian Dream party won in all 17 single-mandate constituencies in the parliamentary elections. 

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Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister of Georgia:

"In the second round, I voted for the end of the electoral process. Any politician who received support from his electorate during the campaign in a pandemic is simply obliged to realize the extent of his responsibility. He should stand for the transfer of political processes to the walls of parliament, to the political plane. This is the most important thing now. Despite the differences between us, we must learn to find a common language with each other. Fundamental is the awareness of our own responsibility and the ability to work together. Precisely this is what the citizens expect from us, as it is the foundation of any democratic order."

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Elections in Georgia this time were held according to a fundamentally new mixed scheme: out of 150 parliamentarians, 120 were elected on a proportional basis, the remaining 30 - on a majoritarian basis. Voting took place in 2 rounds. The first was held on October 31 with the victory of the "Georgian Match". The second was held in 17 constituencies where none of the candidates won 50% or more of the vote in the first round. In total, deputies from 7 parties and two political blocs entered the parliament.

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