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Fundamental scientific approach, innovative company, zitao ceramics, bear journey - see "Chinese Panorama"-505

27.02.2023 Медиакорпорация Китая (CMG), телеканал «Большая Азия» (Игорь Митрофанов) 51 просмотров

Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 505):
  • Xi Jinping urged to intensify fundamental research in the scientific and technical sphere Beijing has proposed a plan to resolve the Ukrainian crisis
  • A robot manufacturer from Liaoning province has carried out a revolution in the entire Chinese industry
  • Thousands of craftsmen from Yunnan Province continue the unique pottery traditions
  • Panda Xiang Xiang arrived in Chengdu from Tokyo

Xi Jinping urged to intensify fundamental research in the scientific and technical sphere

Party committees and authorities at all levels should include in the program of scientific and technological development support for fundamental research, expand their coordination and promote the construction of a high-quality system of disciplines. This statement was made by the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping at the third collective training session of the Politburo.

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According to the head of the party, active fundamental research is a prerequisite for China's independent scientific and technological development and the only possible way to world leadership in this field. Xi Jinping demanded to increase financial investments in basic research and encourage investment in this area by enterprises and public organizations. The Secretary General also proposed to create new centers for the study of fundamental disciplines and a platform for training highly qualified personnel.

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Beijing has proposed a plan to resolve the Ukrainian crisis

China has made proposals to resolve the Ukrainian conflict. The Chinese initiative consists of 12 points. According to the document, first of all, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country should be respected. In addition, it is necessary to stop fighting and abandon cold War thinking. Dialogue is the only realistic scenario for resolving the Ukrainian conflict, so China called on the parties to resume peace talks.

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When an agreement is reached, the international community should support reconstruction in the conflict zone. The PRC is ready to participate in this work and send assistance to the region. The non-politicized elimination of the humanitarian crisis should already be a priority. Participants in hostilities should strictly observe the norms of international law, including in relation to civilians and prisoners. The PRC stressed that armed attacks on nuclear power plants and other civilian nuclear industry facilities are unacceptable.

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At the same time, the Celestial Empire drew attention to the important role of the IAEA in supporting nuclear safety. To solve food problems, it is necessary to implement the Black Sea initiative for the export of Ukrainian grain. Beijing called for the stabilization of global production and supply chains, and also condemned unilateral sanctions not agreed with the UN Security Council.

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A robot manufacturer from Liaoning province has carried out a revolution in the entire Chinese industry

New developments in the field of robotics have transformed entire industries of the People's Republic of China. In many ways, this is the merit of just one company — the Chinese engineering giant SIASUN from Liaoning Province. His innovations have made a huge contribution to the economic development of the country.

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Zhang Jin, President of SIASUN: "Robots have become the most important technical support in the digitalization of traditional industries.
SIASUN is constantly exploring ways to modernize and improve technologies. A significant amount of innovation is required here."

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In recent years, SIASUN has launched from scratch high-precision production of components that were not supplied to China due to the embargo or imported at high prices. Helping to modernize enterprises in various Industries and equipping them with industrial robots, the company has received more than 1,300 patents. China is confident that this approach contributes to the construction of a modern socialist state.

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Thousands of craftsmen from Yunnan Province continue the unique pottery traditions

Potters from Jianshui County, Yunnan Province have been producing unique ceramic dishes of zitao purple or purple color for many centuries. This art is among the most famous traditional crafts of the Middle Kingdom and attracts millions of tourists to the region every year. 15 years ago, the technique of making Jianshui ceramics was included in the official list of the intangible cultural heritage of China. It is used by over five thousand local craftsmen, one of them is Tan Zhifan. For more than half a century of work, he has perfectly mastered traditional techniques and based on them created his own style.

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Tan Zhifan, master: "Proper preparation of clay is of paramount importance.
Otherwise, all efforts may be in vain. Then follow other steps: carving, filling, firing... This is not an easy task. It takes at least two weeks to make one kettle! You need a lot of concentration and patience. I have taken some students and I hope that they will continue this craft."

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Modern youth is interested in preserving ancient crafts, including thanks to state support. Tsitao ceramics are still made by hand, and boys and girls learn the secrets of making from experienced craftsmen.

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Panda Xiang Xiang arrived in Chengdu from Tokyo

A large panda Xiang Xiang, who was born six years ago in Tokyo's Ueno Zoo, was brought to China. She was taken from Chengdu International Airport to a specialized research center in the city district of Ya'an. There, separately from its relatives, the bamboo bear will be quarantined for a month. After that, she will be able to appear in public.

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According to the original plan, Xiang Xiang was supposed to arrive in China at the end of 2020, but the trip was postponed several times due to the pandemic. This is the first panda that was born in Tokyo's Ueno Zoo. Before leaving for China, she was given a warm send-off. Many residents of the Japanese capital admitted that they are sorry to part with Xiang Xiang.

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