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Foreigners are interested in Georgian armored cars

07.12.2018 110 просмотров

Indonesia and Saudi Arabia intend to buy medical evacuation armored vehicles Medevac.

According to Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria, Riyadh purchased 100 units of this equipment from Tbilisi two years ago.

Russia in 25 years delivered to Indonesia
military products worth more than $2.5 billion
The head of the military department recalled that the Georgian military scientific and technical center "Delta". Bulletproof vests and helmets that this company has developed are already used in Georgia itself. Almost 2,000 dollars were allocated from the country's budget for these purposes, Izoria noted.

The fact that Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are interested in medical evacuation armored vehicles, the minister said during summing up the work of the military department for 2018. However, he did not specify the terms and volume of deliveries.

Medevac can move in difficult geographical and climatic conditions, carry four passengers at the same time. The machine is capable of speeds up to 120 kilometers per hour.

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