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Flag Day celebrated in Azerbaijan

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One of the officially established holidays of the republic was approved in 2009.

The Ministries of Defense and Education of Azerbaijan held a Znamenny March on the eve of this celebration. Servicemen, public figures, teachers and schoolchildren, as well as media representatives took part in the procession.

Traditionally, November 9 is considered an official holiday in Azerbaijan. Across the country, residents and guests of the republic take part in festive festivities and rallies. A solemn ceremony of raising the banner is held on the squares, after which concerts and performances by creative teams take place on the city stages. 

The Azerbaijani tricolor was established on November 9, 1918, becoming the state symbol of the country that acquired sovereignty. The flag is a rectangular panel consisting of three horizontally arranged colored stripes of the same width. 

Independence Day
celebrated in Azerbaijan
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Each of them has its own symbolic meaning: blue color denotes Turkism, red - progress, people's culture and commitment to democracy, and the green stripe - the nation's involvement in the Islamic religion. The banner also depicts a crescent and an eight-pointed star, which also indicate that the Azerbaijani society belongs to the followers of Islam.

In 2010, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev officially opened the State Flag Square in Baku. At this place are the main symbols of the republic - the coat of arms, the text of the anthem and the map of the country. 

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