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Final results of presidential elections announced in Kyrgyzstan

17.01.2021 82 просмотров

Sadyr Zhaparov won 79.23% of the vote in the presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan.

Sadyr Japarov won 79.23% of the vote in the early presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan. This was announced on Saturday, January 16, by the CEC of the Republic on the results of processing 100% of the ballots.

“79.23% of voters voted for Zhaparov,” the message says. The voter turnout was 39.33%.

According to the CEC, the to today received the final voting protocols from all 2.47 thousand people. plots. “Now the results of the elections should be officially approved at a meeting of the Central Election Commission,” the department told TASS.

On January Kyrgyzstan held early presidential elections, and also a referendum, where the citizens chose the form of government in the country presidential or parliamentary. There were 17 candidates running for the post of head of state. To win in the first round, one of the applicants needed to gain more than half of the votes. Slightly more than 80% of voters in the referendum voted for the presidential model.

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