Opening Asia for Russia

The Russian Chess Federation has turned to the East

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See "News of Greater Asia" (issue 832):
  • The UN Secretary General discussed security and humanitarian aid issues with the President of Iraq A bread festival was held in Yokohama
  • The Russian Chess Federation has turned to the East
  • Turkmenistan held a national contest "Woman of the Year"

The UN Secretary General discussed security and humanitarian aid issues with the President of Iraq

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres met with Iraqi President Abdel Latif Rashid in Baghdad. The sides discussed global challenges, security issues, assistance to refugees and displaced persons. The Head of the republic spoke about humanitarian problems that can be solved only with the assistance of the international community, and expressed hope for the support of the UN.

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The President stressed that the country urgently needs a stable water supply, which is increasingly difficult to provide due to climate change. Antonio Guterres highly appreciated the efforts of the Government to stabilize the situation in the republic and noted that international organizations are ready to provide assistance to displaced persons on its territory. The UN Secretary General also met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani. The sides exchanged views on the easing of tensions in the region, the protection of human rights, sustainable development and humanitarian issues.

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A bread festival was held in Yokohama

The three-day bread festival in the Japanese port city of Yokohama attracted many visitors. About 70 bakeries took part in the gastronomic festival, which exhibited hundreds of varieties of bakery products. Along with donuts, croissants, baguettes and other familiar products, exotic pastries could be tasted at the festival.

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For example, bread with wagyu marbled beef and soft—boiled eggs - traditional ingredients of sukiyaki, hot Japanese soup. Gourmets lined up in long queues at the counters, and the daily earnings of sellers sometimes reached almost 600 thousand yen. Thanks to the rapid growth in demand, the volume of the bread market in the Land of the Rising Sun has already exceeded two and a half trillion yen. However, high costs for ingredients are holding back the development of bakeries' business, since Japan buys more than 80% of wheat abroad.

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The Russian Chess Federation has turned to the East

The Russian Chess Federation will withdraw from the European Chess Union. From May 1, she will represent the Asian Chess Federation, which approved such a transition by a majority vote at the congress in Abu Dhabi. This is the first such step in the history of national sports associations.

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Andrey Filatov, President of the Russian Chess Federation: "We are proud of our historical achievements.
There was only one vote against. As I was told, it was the voice of Papua New Guinea, which was amazing. Six countries abstained, the rest were for Russia."

Many Russian grandmasters and coaches perceive the transition to the Asian Chess Federation as the only opportunity for further growth. After all, without participation in international tournaments, athletes' ratings and skills will not increase.

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Andrey Filatov, President of the Russian Chess Federation: "Either to stay and endure the humiliations that were in relation to Russian athletes, or it was necessary to look for a way out of the situation.
This is a very natural way out for our country: 77% of its territory is located in Asia."

Chess is very popular in Russia. For example, up to 150 participants of different levels come to the game marathon in Yekaterinburg every weekend.

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Oleg Krasnov, Chief judge of the chess marathon in Yekaterinburg: "We actually need to play somewhere.
It turns out that it has become difficult for our athletes to play. They do not allow you to play as a Russian athlete, only a neutral status, and that is not for everyone. Sometimes restrictions are imposed for political reasons. Well, this is somehow not quite correct."

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International grandmaster Andrey Shariyazdanov works as a senior coach of the chess teams of the Sverdlovsk region. He approves of the turn to the East and hopes that Asia will open up more development opportunities for Russian players. The same opinion is shared by the executive director of the local chess Federation Albert Stepanyan.

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Andrey Shariyazdanov, International Grandmaster: "Now chess is on a very serious rise in India, China, and the United Arab Emirates.
Tournaments are held everywhere, and we are ready to participate in various Asian championships, Asian championships. It will be a very interesting competition, a serious one."

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Albert Stepanyan, Executive Director of the Sverdlovsk Region Chess Federation: "In addition to the fact that there will be an opportunity to travel and participate in international competitions and win there, I hope we will also get the opportunity to host Asian competitions."

Russian players will play their last games under the auspices of the European Chess Union at the championship in Serbia. And next autumn they will start taking part in international meetings of the Asian Federation.

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The national contest "Woman of the Year" was held in Turkmenistan

The Central Council of the Union of Women of Turkmenistan successfully held the annual contest "Woman of the Year" in Ashgabat. Its participants represented a variety of professions and segments of the population. They included entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, cultural workers and law enforcement agencies. First, regional rounds were held, the winners of which met in the final.

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The best of the best received diplomas in various nominations and valuable gifts from the President of the country. The awards were awarded for outstanding professional and personal achievements, including success in business, dissemination of national cultural heritage, needlework and parenting. For example, Deputy Chief Physician Amandursun Orazmukhammedova won in the nomination "For high organizational skills", and the commander of the cadet company Tavus Tagandurdieva became the winner in the nomination "For work to strengthen the country's defense and the rule of law in society". After the award ceremony, the organizers pleased the women with a festive music program. Famous dance groups and performers of folk and pop songs performed in front of the contestants.

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