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Experts assessed the actions of CSTO peacekeepers in Kazakhstan

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The deployment of CSTO peacekeepers has become an important factor in stabilizing the situation in Kazakhstan.

The units of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) during the deployment to Kazakhstan demonstrated high combat readiness, coherence and professionalism. Such an assessment of the actions of the peacekeepers was given by several leading military experts in an interview with TASS.

Thus, Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, believes that the involvement of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the CSTO helped to decisively stabilize the situation in the republic.

“We see that after the entry of the CSTO peacekeeping contingent, which is based on units of the Russian Airborne Forces, the Kazakh security forces and military personnel rather quickly and confidently reversed the unfavorable course of events , ensured the establishment of law and order, reduction of tension practically throughout the country. This indicates  that the introduction of our peacekeepers has become an important military-political factor in stabilizing the situation, - said Korotchenko.

In his opinion, the     to the most unexpected introductory and operations in unfamiliar theaters of war. “This convincingly demonstrates the high professional level of the modern Russian armed forces,” Korotchenko emphasized.

At the same time, the expert noted that the CSTO has shown itself to be a highly effective organization, a structure that is ready to fend off any threats and challenges to common security. “Obviously, as soon as the situation in the republic is completely taken under control, the organization’s mandate will be fully fulfilled,” said the expert, expressing confidence that the mission of the CSTO peacekeepers will be carried out in full, successfully and its main result will be the return of Kazakhstan to normal life.


TASS military observer Viktor Litovkin believes that the Russian troops during the transfer of the CSTO peacekeeping contingent to Kazakhstan showed themselves to be in the highest degree of reliability and efficiency. “The whole world sees how, in a matter of hours, in a matter of days, Russia managed to transfer a large group of not only its peacekeepers, but also peacekeepers from Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan to Kazakhstan,” said the expert. He recalled that the Russian Federation quickly deployed 70 Il-76 peacekeepers to Kazakhstan along with military equipment, electronic warfare systems, communications, supplies, and so on.

According to Litovkin, the CSTO peacekeeping operation in Kazakhstan is      “The operation to enforce peace consists in that the peacekeepers would shoot, disperse all sorts of demonstrations, kill terrorists. And that's not what peacekeepers do. They are engaged in maintaining peace, that is, they protect the most important state facilities, economic, political, law enforcement, but no one is shot at. They are simply defending the security of Kazakhstan with weapons in their hands,” said the expert.

“Our servicemen and peacekeepers from Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, although they are, of course, much less than our guys, took under protection the most important state facilities . Thus, they freed the Kazakhstani military and law enforcement agencies to fight these terrorists, these bandits, who still continue to shoot somewhere, rob shops, try to rob arsenals, and so on and so forth. The appearance of our peacekeepers in Kazakhstan gave strength to the Kazakh army, Kazakh law enforcement officers, Kazakh policemen,” Litovkin said.

The expert recalled that the CSTO has always been criticized for its indecisiveness. “You have to understand that in the CSTO decisions are made by consensus. And not all heads of state were ready to support Armenia, not everyone were ready to support Kyrgyzstan and and and so on. But Kazakhstan was supported by everyone at the same time, because they understood that the danger of terrorist attacks threatened not only Kazakhstan, but it could spread to Kyrgyzstan,  Tajikistan,   Armenia,        , & nbsp; — said Litovkin.


Political scientist Dmitry Kulikov believes that the Russian military showed high efficiency and a very high quality of actions. “All this, after all, was not on exercises and not according to a predetermined plan. These are actions in & nbsp; an emergency, in fact, on & nbsp; combat alert. For these conditions, actions can be assessed very highly, because we are probably so used to that we can deliver thousands of servicemen over thousands of kilometers in a few hours and they immediately, “from wheels“ actually start to  solve problems and solve them effectively  , he explained.

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