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Ecology will be the main aspect of Kyrgyzstan's chairmanship in the CIS

01.02.2023 ТАСС 41 просмотров

Kyrgyzstan presented the concept of its chairmanship in CIS in 2023.

At the first meeting of the Council of Permanent Plenipotentiaries of the CIS member States this year, Kyrgyzstan presented the concept of its chairmanship in The Commonwealth in 2023. This is reported from the meeting by the correspondent of TASS.

"The main focus of the concept will be on the environmental aspect. In the last year in The Kyrgyz Republic is developing this very actively. We are a mountainous country, we have many rivers and lakes. Eco-tourism is developing very strongly. And we would like these aspects to be more clearly highlighted in the work of the CIS. And, of course, we very much hope that the CIS states will help us in this work," said First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan Asein Isayev, presenting the concept. Bishkek offers to cooperate more actively with international organizations on climate change and food security.

"So that what has been developed within the CIS would be relayed to the UN, and what is within the UN, we could use within the CIS, there is such an idea," the diplomat gave an example.

The launch of the free trade agreement on services, the development of renewable, carbon-free and low-carbon energy sources were also named among the priorities. Bishkek supports the continuation of the dialogue on the transportation of energy resources, ensuring security and reliability of supplies, which Isaev described as a "difficult issue." At the same time, according to him, Kyrgyzstan is able to take a "more neutral position" and offer solutions that suit all parties.

Cooperation in the development of international transport corridors in the East—west and north—south directions, harmonization of relevant legal acts, information security are also among the priorities. Isayev stressed the importance of efforts to integrate migrant workers into the society of the countries where they are located, the formation of a tolerant and respectful attitude towards their cultures and languages.

"In the field of combating new challenges and threats, it is necessary to expand the interaction of relevant CIS structures, such as anti—terrorist centers, the bureau for the coordination of combating organized crime, with the relevant structures of other regional organizations - the SCO, the CSTO, as well as with the UN Anti-Terrorism Committee and The UN Office on Drugs and Crime," the representative of Kyrgyzstan stressed.

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