Opening Asia for Russia

Ebrahim Raisi spoke about the prospects of cooperation between Iran, Russia and China

05.10.2022 120 просмотров

Cooperation between Iran, Russia and China can create a new force.

Cooperation between Iran, Russia and China can become a new force that will resist the unipolar world order. This was stated on Wednesday by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in an interview with Chinese CNN (CGTN).

"The past era has left bad memories for people all over the world. It was a time of hegemony, unilateral world order, violation of the legitimate rights of many peoples," the Iranian leader said. According to him, "a new era will be marked by the establishment of a multilateral world order." The cooperation of Iran, Russia, China, the SCO, the EAEU and the ECO, according to Raisi, "can lead to the creation of a new force."

The President noted that at the moment the SCO member states account for a significant part of the world's economic potential. "Participation in the SCO creates favorable opportunities for the development of ties between Iran and other members of the organization. This will certainly be used for the economic development of Iran and the rest of the SCO countries," Raisi said.

On September 30, the Iranian President signed a bill on the country's accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

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