Opening Asia for Russia

Kirill Babayev, Director of the ICSA RAS, expressed an expert opinion on China in the "Big Game" program

31.01.2023 Медиаресурс "Большая Азия" 107 просмотров

Kirill Babayev took part in the Big Game program as a key Russian expert on China and Asian politics.

Describing the situation in the world, Kirill Babayev in particular said: "Quite recently it occurred to me that both world wars were lost. because the power that started them was fighting on two fronts. This is the trap that the United States is falling into today. Fighting on two fronts, they risk being in the position of the defeated, just as Germany was in the position of the defeated in the 18th year and in the 45th year. Today it is definitely not in the interests of the United States. I would not say that this is the policy of the United States – rather, individual populist figures who are trying to score political points for themselves with the help of support for Taiwan, anti-Chinese rhetoric, various kinds of statements, trips, and so on. Many European politicians are taking the same path now. But nevertheless, it is absolutely clear that today the emergence of any kind of military conflict in the Taiwan Strait or in Asia as a whole will be a real disaster for the United States, because most likely China's entry into military action in some way will lead to the complete collapse of the entire American coalition that the United States is trying to construct in Asia, in Asia- The Pacific region. Therefore, I am personally convinced that both Washington and Beijing understand this perfectly well, and a peaceful position, a peaceful attitude to what is happening with China today, will prevail in the American establishment. We see that the American authorities are still trying to negotiate with China, one after another, visits follow. We are expecting Blinken's visit to Beijing very soon now. In all likelihood, the rhetoric will slow down."

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In response to the moderator's question whether China is showing reasonable caution or acting to please the States, Kirill Babayev noted that he would not consider China's current behavior as weakness. From his point of view, China continues to gain both in the global economy and in world politics. We see how the difference between China and the United States in terms of economic development, in terms of technological development, is constantly shrinking.

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"China is gaining more and more weight on the world stage as a trading partner," the expert noted. - He is the largest trading partner of all American allies in the region and not only in the region. They are interested in trade with China much more than in trade with the United States – South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries. China continues to actively squeeze the dollar out of world settlements – the share of the yuan in them is constantly growing. That is, in fact, China is acquiring new allies, including in the Pacific Ocean, including in Asia, so I believe that China can record all this as an asset. And China has something to lose. China is certainly interested in the American market. Therefore, China will strive to maintain the status quo until the very last moment, realizing that even in conditions of peace in some long-term regime, it will still win over the United States without war - exactly as the strategy of the famous Sun Tzu "The Art of War" teaches.

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