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16.08.2022 ТАСС 48 просмотров

Mikhail Mishustin completes his tour of Siberia and the Far East with a trip to Chita.

Prime Minister of RussiaMikhail Mishustin completes his traditional summer regional tour on Tuesday with a trip to Chita. He will fly to the capital of Transbaikalia from Yakutsk, where the day before he got acquainted with the IT projects of the region and held a meeting on combating natural emergencies and eliminating their consequences. Prior to that, in Gorno-Altaysk, the Prime Minister held a meeting on the development of the tourism industry of the Russian Federation.

In Chita, a visit to a number of social and industrial facilities is planned, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation reported earlier. In particular, the schedule of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers includes a visit to one of the hospitals of the city and an enterprise for the production of building materials.

In addition, the Prime Minister will get acquainted with the results of the work of the United Far Eastern Airline established in 2021, as well as with the implementation of the Far Eastern Quarter program, which involves the implementation of integrated residential development projects in the territories of advanced development. It is aimed at ensuring demand and reducing the cost of 1 sq. m in the primary housing market in the Far East.

Finally, the Prime minister will be told about the implementation of plans for the social development of economic growth centers in the Far Eastern Federal District, as well as about investment projects of some resident companies of the Trans-Baikal TOP, which specializes in mining, wood processing, and the food industry.

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