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Chinese scientists study fossilized hadrosaur embryo

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Greater Asia" (Issue 135):

  • PRC stabilizes prices for essential goods 
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry criticizes US for editing Taiwan section on the official website of the State Department
  • China's private space company successfully tested a reusable rocket i> A unique city in the mountains connected to the southern power grid of China
  • Rescuers come to the aid of flood victims in the southern and central regions of the country
  • b>
  • Xinjiang farmers receive soft loans from the Agricultural Bank of China
  • Earthquake relief exercise kicks off in Gansu Province >

    PRC stabilizes prices for essential goods 

    China has taken active steps to secure supplies and The country's National Bureau of Statistics reported that food prices rose by less than 1% in April compared to Prices for non-food products increased by 0.2% on a monthly basis during the same period.


    Guo Liyan, Head of the Department for the Study of the General Economic Situation of the Academy of Macroeconomic Research:

    “The fact that consumer prices have stabilized at a relatively low m inflation rate of about 2%, mainly due to the adequate and thorough implementation of measures, thanks to which the inhabitants of the country were provided with essential goods - grain, vegetable oil and vegetables. This gives us confidence that prices will be stable throughout the year.” 


    Producer price index of the country, which reflects the cost of goods and raw materials for producers, in April increased by 8% year on year, while the increase decreased by 0.3 percentage points compared to March. In twenty-two of the forty industrial sectors, prices began to rise more slowly than in the previous month. And a sharp rise in prices was observed only in nine - although there were 12 such industries in March. 


    The Chinese Foreign Ministry criticized the US for editing the section on Taiwan in the official State Department website

    The US State Department's decision to change the description of relations with Taiwan has drawn sharp criticism in Beijing. The US Foreign Office has edited the Taiwan section of its website. The words about refusing to support Taiwanese independence and recognizing the island as part of China have disappeared from it. 


    Washington clarified that editing the text on the official website of the State Department does not mean a change in policy towards China. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry believes that big things start small, and urge the United States to adhere to the principles of the three joint communiqués. It was they who laid the foundation of Sino-American relations in the 1970s and 1980s.


    Zhao Lijian, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson:< /b>

    “In three joint communiqués between the PRC and the United States, the United States formally committed to the Taiwan issue and the One China principle. Now the American side has revised the Fact List on US-Taiwan Relations. This is a small step towards blurring and emasculating the principle of one China. Manipulation of the Taiwan issue and attempts to change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait bring disaster on their initiators."


    Zhao Lijian also noted that China's public policy called "One country, two systems" is well known to the world community and is the norm of international relations.


    China's private space company successfully tested a reusable rocket

    A new record in the space industry is celebrated in China. Deep Blue Aerospace, a private aerospace company, was the first in the country to build a reusable launch vehicle that successfully flew to a height of one kilometer. It then descended and landed vertically, landing less than half a meter from the launch site.


    This test is an important milestone in the development of a retractable first stage rocket. The next test will be an altitude of 100 kilometers. The Chinese startup Deep Blue Aerospace was founded in 2016. The company is engaged in research and development of reusable launch vehicles, and also provides services for commercial launches into space.


    Chinese engineers have analyzed that reusable rockets reduce launch costs by up to 70 percent. It also makes it possible to increase the frequency of space launches. It is planned that the new return vehicle will put the payload into orbit as early as 2023.


    A unique city in the mountains was connected to the southern energy system of China 

    The city of Dulujiang with its unique nature and bewitching landscapes was connected to the southern energy system of China. Now this settlement will be able to attract even more tourists and develop faster.


    Because of the surrounding high mountains, Dulongjiang's power supply has long been provided by small hydroelectric power stations and an independent 20 kV power grid. To solve the problem with electricity, experts built a 52-kilometer overhead line through Mount Gaoligong, and Dulongjiang became part of a large power grid.


    Li Qingjiang, director of the infrastructure department of a power company:

    “After connecting to a major power grid, Dulongjiang's power supply capacity has increased 10 times. This ended the isolated operation of the electricity grid and ensured the long-term development of rural industry. Now the township's independent power grid and the large power grid are interconnected and form a "dual power supply" structure. Even if damage occurs due to natural disasters, such as landslides, the electricity supply in the village will remain.


    Dulongjiang City in Yunnan Province used to be one of China's least developed regions. But with today's rapid development of the manufacturing industry and tourism, rising living standards, connecting the power grid will fully satisfy the needs of the medium and long-term economic of this settlement.


    Rescuers come to the aid of victims of floods in southern and central regions of China

    Residents of southern and central regions of China required the help of rescuers due to heavy heavy rains. Firefighters, who usually fight fire, this time rushed into the water.


    In the province of Hunan, fighters against the elements helped the townspeople of several settlements to get out of flooded houses. They were evacuated in rubber boats to safety. In Yangjiang, 11 people were trapped in a market where the water was nearly two meters deep! Firefighters made three trips in rubber boats and finally took the victims out of the dangerous area. In total, the rescuers of this city evacuated more than 150 people who were trapped due to the raging elements.


    In Heyuan City, roads were flooded the most. Many vehicles fell into disrepair and almost sank. Help was required for more than 60 motorists, their passengers, as well as bus passengers. Firefighters had to contend with strong currents and rising water. But all rescue operations were successful.


    As heavy rains are expected to continue for several more days, the National Flood and the meteorological center announced the second level of bad weather out of four, and warned of heavy rain.


    Xinjiang farmers receive soft loans from the Agricultural Bank of China

    Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has long been a testing ground for testing the latest agricultural technologies. The BeiDou navigation system, the latest weather stations and AI farming equipment are a reality, not a distant future.


    Now the Agricultural Bank of China has joined the development of the agro-industrial complex in Xinjiang. This year, it will issue more than 4.5 billion yuan of soft loans to farmers and enterprises. These support measures will help to plant cotton in time.


    Chen Xiaoming, Bank Grain, Cotton and Edible Oil Supplier Department:
    “We have approved loans worth 4.6 billion yuan. The funds will be used for spring plowing and preparation of cotton for sowing. Of this amount, three and a half billion yuan has already been used for its intended purpose. We insist on preferential support for agriculture. The distribution of loans in this industry is our priority.” 


    A local agricultural technology company plans to plant 17,000 hectares of high-quality cotton. To do this, they received a loan from the bank in the amount of more than a billion yuan even before the start of sowing.


    Ning Tao, CEO of an agricultural company:

    “With this loan, we have completed the handover of the land and provided farmers with 550 million yuan for production. Targeted use of funds allows to reduce costs and increase profits per hectare.”


    The Bank also helps agro-industrial enterprises to purchase materials and launch large-scale projects. These include the development of promising agricultural land, the introduction of new inventions and the improvement of the seed bank.


    An earthquake relief exercise started in Gansu Province
    < br> In the mountainous regions of Gansu province, exercises began to eliminate the consequences of the earthquake. The experts modeled several scenarios for the development of events in the event of a natural disaster. Rescuers and firefighters need to practice each of them. 


    A fire at a gas pipeline and power plants, derailed freight trains, residents blocked in rubble - these are the combinations of emergency situations that the country's rescue services work out. The modeling takes into account the features of the mountain landscape and bad weather conditions.


    The purpose of the training is not only to test the abilities of the personnel and the coherence of the work of different services, but also to acquaint them with high-tech equipment. The new developments are expected to help save more people during earthquakes.
    The exercise was organized by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the headquarters of China's State Council for Earthquake Relief and the People's Government of Gansu Province.


    > The date for the exercises was not chosen by chance. May 12 is National Disaster Mitigation Day in China. This sad and memorable mark appeared on the calendar 14 years ago after the Sichuan earthquake. In May 2008, devastating earthquakes of magnitude 8 killed 70,000 people. About 18,000 people have gone missing and millions have been left homeless.


    Chinese scientists have discovered an embryo of a hadrosaur, a large herbivorous dinosaur

    This discovery is not the first, its value is that this embryo is the best preserved in the world today.


    Since 2015, the Science and Technology Museum of Fujian Province has been sorting samples, during which a batch of embryos was found. The dinosaur egg, in which the embryo is located, has the shape of an ellipsoid. Its length is about nine centimeters, and its volume is about 660 milliliters.


    The embryo itself takes up about 40 percent of the egg. Scientists from the China University of Geological Sciences found that the age of the masonry is from 66 to 72 million years. They concluded that the found embryo belongs to hadrosaurs, based on the unique characteristics of the skull, spine and limb bones. The samples were studied using multislice computed tomography, synchrotron radiation, and other scientific methods. The results of the study were published by scientists in one of the reputable international academic journals.


    Fossilized dinosaur eggs have been found around the world since 1859. In most cases, only the eggshell remained intact, while the protein and yolk were long lost and replaced with a mineral solution. But in some ancient clutches, embryonic fossils have been preserved. Such finds are very valuable: with their help, researchers study the reproductive development, behavior, evolution and habitat of dinosaurs.

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