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Chinese media: Russian weapons put a possible enemy in a stalemate

13.09.2020 160 просмотров

In the Celestial Empire, they called the new Russian weapon worse than a nuclear bomb.

The Chinese portal Sina called the Russian military complexes "Sarmat", "Avangard" and "Yars" extremely dangerous.

The material says that the rearmament of the Russian missile forces on these models "puts the United States in a stalemate," quoted Chinese experts as saying. 

It is believed that the United States has the most advanced defense system in the world, however, they are not able to intercept the Avangard, since the projectile has such high speed and stealth that it makes the missile "a more intimidating weapon than a nuclear bomb."

The author of an article on the Sina portal notes that in In the event of a hypothetical conflict between Russia and the United States, the American coastal regions will be defenseless against an attack by the Vanguards.

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