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Chinese leader addresses UN General Assembly

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Xi Jinping expressed his commitment to the ideals of peace and detente on the planet.

The leader of the Chinese nation, Xi Jinping, spoke at the 75th UN General Assembly on September 22. 


His speech met with a warm response from the international community. Political figures of a number of countries thanked the Celestial Empire for the persistent desire of this power for peace and detente on the planet, for being faithful to the ideals of fruitful economic cooperation and conflict-free cohabitation of states with different social systems, as well as for the assistance provided by the people of China to many countries in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. .


Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia:

"I would like to warmly thank our European partners, our Chinese and Russian friends. We all showed solidarity and provided assistance to those in need during this difficult time for countries.


Peter Medgyessy, former Prime Minister of Hungary:

"We must give a comprehensive response to the COVID-19 epidemic, because every country is affected. And China provides not only material support, but also shares his experience.


Sundar Nath Bhattarai, A.O. Chairman of the Chinese Studies Center in Nepal:

"President Xi said that the PRC will continue to participate in our lives and will strive to implement the principle of multilateralism and globalization. This inspires new achievements!"


In his speech, the head of China noted that in order to move forward, not only words are needed, but also specific initiatives in order to respond to the global challenges faced by mankind. Xi Jinping emphasized that his country will never seek hegemony. China also does not intend to fight for spheres of influence. The politician is also confident in the possibility of resolving all disputes and disagreements through dialogue.


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