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China urges US to solve its own problems and stop spreading political lies

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China's deputy representative to the UN on March 25 urged the United States to take effective measures to resolve its human rights issues before interfering in domestic affairs under the guise of human rights, and conduct international cooperation based on mutual respect and equality.

Dai Bing, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the UN, made the announcement at the same day's UN General Assembly meeting to commemorate International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Dai Bin stated that tens of millions of people of African descent still face discrimination and injustice in the US, where the provisions for freedom and equality in the law have remained empty words. Moreover, there has been a sharp increase in violence against Asian Americans.

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"China has taken note that the US has begun to publicly acknowledge that it has serious human rights issues and that racism and white supremacy "like ugly poisons, are systemic in nature, and have existed in American society for a long time. Recognizing the existence of problems is certainly good, but it is much more important to correct mistakes. We hope that the American side will take practical actions, concentrate efforts on resolving such problems racism, racial discrimination and police brutality, and take effective measures to protect the rights of racial minorities.Meanwhile, the United States should carry out international cooperation with great sincerity and equal treatment, stop spreading spread political lies, baseless attacks and discredit other countries," he said in his speech.

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China is ready to work with countries to combat racial discrimination in all its manifestations to guarantee a decent life for of all people and build an inclusive, equal and free society, the representative of China added.

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