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China provides medical assistance to the population of Mali

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The government of the Celestial Empire highly appreciated the merits of their military doctors who provided humanitarian assistance to the population of the state of Mali.

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The Chinese government expressed its deep gratitude to the female soldiers participating in the PRC humanitarian mission in Mali. Despite the difficult situation associated with the latent civil war and the coronavirus epidemic, military doctors provided assistance to about 3 thousand local residents. This year, during the mission's stay in this African country, 13 evacuations of patients were carried out using aircraft. The hospital performed 58 surgeries.

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At the beginning of August, 6 people from the initial contingent of Chinese doctors are still serving in Mali. The rest have already returned to their homeland. 

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After the start of the global pandemic, only Beijing left its hospital in Mali, which worked under the auspices of the UN. There were no other foreign doctors in this country. Curiously, some Chinese university medical clinics, such as those in Zhejiang province, have been helping Mali and improving the skills of local medical staff for more than fifty years.

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