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China Media Corporation prepared a TV program dedicated to Youth Day

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Watch the information and publicistic program “Chinese Panorama” on the TV channel “Greater Asia” (Issue 126):
  • China Media Corporation produced a television program dedicated to Youth Day
  • Chinese military personnel conducted exercises to improve the work of transport services
  • < i> A leading Chinese dancer shared her secrets and approach to the ancient art

  • Chinese scientific expedition successfully summits Everest

    One of the most important events in the scientific life of China is unfolding these days. A research team of 13 scientists has successfully climbed the summit of Everest. At an altitude of almost 9,000 meters, the team installed an automatic meteorological station. Now it is the world's highest mountain weather measurement unit.


    A total of 270 scientists went to Everest. The expedition, which started at the end of April, is the largest in history to explore the Tibetan Plateau. It includes representatives of a dozen scientific disciplines, with researchers carrying the latest equipment. The purpose of the scientific group is to study how Asian peaks and ecosystems are changing due to human activity and global warming. The teams will study environmental changes, measure the concentration of carbon dioxide, and estimate the size of water resources.


    To measure the thickness of ice on the peak of Everest, members of the Chinese expedition used a special radar, as well as devices for collecting and long-term storage of ice and snow samples. In the future, chemists, physicists and biologists of the Celestial Empire will work with these samples. The team of scientists has already presented to colleagues and the world the first results of research conducted after the ascent. The ice collected on the summit of Everest contains evidence of transboundary pollution: harmful substances were brought to the peak from the territory of other countries.


    Kang Shichang, Geologist, Northwest Institute of Environment and Resources of the Academy China Science:

    “We are mainly focused on measurements of glaciers. We scan the ice surface and then create a digital terrain model. Then we compare this sample with data from orbiting satellites. This is how the melting and changing of glaciers is measured. This is task number one. The second goal is to monitor air pollution. We have found that the harmful substances that settle on the glaciers come from outside our Tibetan plateau, that is, from the countries of South and Central Asia.


    It has long been known that Sea levels are rising due to rising temperatures. But scientists still don't have definitive answers about how climate change is affecting high mountain regions like the Tibetan Plateau. The expedition plans to collect as much data as possible about this unique natural environment at an altitude of 8000 meters.  


    Kang Shichang, geologist, Northwestern Institute of Environment and Resources Chinese Academy of Sciences: 

    “We found that air pollution, such as soot, has increased since the 1950s. This is consistent with anthropogenic emissions in Asian regions. We also see that over the past 50 years, the area of glaciers has decreased by about 20 percent. The Tibetan Plateau contains very valuable water resources. If the glaciers continue to melt, agriculture, irrigation and fresh water supply will be greatly affected in the future.” 


    Everest, which in the East is called Chomolungma, is located on the border of China and Nepal. The top of the world was once the ocean floor. Fossilized marine organisms are still found in the mountain soil.


    China Media Corporation prepared a TV program dedicated to Youth Day

    China Media Corporation released in aired a special TV program called "Youth Aspiring to Fight". Owners of the May Fourth medal of honor took part in its preparation.


    These are members of the Communist Youth League of the People's Republic of China, champions of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, people included in the Touching China rating, gifted students, scientific and technical workers in the aerospace field. The festive TV program is filled with creative performances that demonstrated the high spiritual image, labor enthusiasm and patriotism of Chinese youth.


    Shi Tingmao, Athlete, Winner of the May 4 medal: 

    "Today's youth have a lot of dreams, and I hope that I can pass on my experience to other young people and contribute to the development of Chinese sports."


    Several Olympic champions from the Celestial Empire sang at the gala concert the song "Together for a Common Future" - the slogan of the Beijing Winter Games, refreshing the audience's memory of breathtaking moments experienced by the whole world. Earlier, at the solemn meeting following the results of this year's Olympics, Chinese President Xi Jinping summed up the spirit of this grand sports festival.


    Li Ju, 2008 Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics volunteer 2022 Games: 

    “At the awards ceremony, General Secretary Xi Jinping noted the extraordinary spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and what impressed me the most was that it is "calling". I think it also reflects the sporting spirit of Chinese athletes and the spirit of May 4th. I think they are interconnected and inspire young people to be positive and courageously overcome all difficulties.


    Gao Tingyu, speed skater , 2022 Olympic Champion:  

    “I want to convey even more positive energy to the audience, show a positive youth spirit and our desire for progress. I want to convey the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics - moving forward against the difficulties, striving for excellence and building the future together.”


    Special program chief director Zou Wei said that his team used a number of new technologies in preparing the show, trying to attract the attention of young people and further introduce them to traditional Chinese culture. 


    Zou Wei, chief director of the holiday TV program: 

    "We used all the new technologies available for use in such shows. These are augmented, augmented and mixed reality technologies. Their combination creates for the audience a feeling of complete immersion in what is happening. I hope that young talented people - role models - will tell their stories to the younger generation and will be able to influence the youth of today. Whether in an educational institution or in the workplace, they will be able to fulfill their dreams, serve society and contribute to the development of the country.”

    KP-126 -17.jpg

    China and motivates the younger generation to make the country even stronger. 

    Chinese military personnel conducted exercises to improve the work of transport services 

    Army motorized group in the province Qinghai organized a comprehensive exercise to improve the transportation service in the Alpine region. The scenario of training events includes difficult and dangerous conditions, as well as a battle with the enemy.


    Tian Zhibing, political instructor of the army motorized group:< br>
    “The purpose of the exercises is to perform an emergency turn of equipment, this may well happen in a real battle. Military personnel perform similar tasks in regular training. So these exercises helped the soldiers to improve their skills in managing equipment in an emergency.”


    It is very difficult to perform an emergency turn, this stunt requires high professionalism of the driver. And this is a way to check whether a person is fit for an important mission, whether he drives military transport well.  

    Li Shuiying, senior sergeant of the army motorized group: 

    “Drivers need not only excellent driving skills and mental preparation, they also need to know how to behave in critical situations. For example, to make an emergency U-turn."


    Knowing how the enemy conducts reconnaissance is not enough on the battlefield. The task of the military is also to make the most of the weather, terrain and other elements of the environment for camouflage.


    Zheng Zhaohou, Political Commissar of the Army Motorized Group:  

    “Paying close attention to the road situation on the plateau, we focused on overcoming emergencies and tried to find our shortcomings, improve skills, strengthen ourselves psychologically to make sure that we can deal with all kinds of emergencies and dangers.”


    Crews of Chinese naval missile carriers also conducted exercises ahead of upcoming missions. On the Yuanwang-21 and Yuanwang-22 cargo ships, which are designed to transport launch vehicles of the Long March series, the military personnel practiced container lifting operations. The exercises on the Yuanwang-21 ship were held under the command of a 27-year-old captain of the third rank Zhang Zhe. Also among his tasks is the correction of the mission route together with the captain and the organization of a technical check of the equipment of the rocket carrier. 


    Zhang Zhe, Third Rank Captain:

    “Each mission is an ordeal for us. As a young commander, I am fully aware of the responsibility that lies with me. Now we continue technical preparation. It is necessary to establish communication between hoist operators, sailors and slingers. Through the exercise, we will gain experience and be able to ensure the success of the sea transportation mission."

    According to the plan, the Yuanwang series ships are to complete several transportation missions throughout the year. 

    KP-126-49.jpg< br>

    Wang Qin, Party SecretaryChChinese х Naval missile carriers Yuanwang:

    “The average age of the chief scientists of our cargo ships does not exceed thirty years. It was this young team that successfully completed more than ten major tasks. Now the team is improving the plan for the operation of lifting the carrier rockets of the Long March-5 and Long March-7 series. After the holidays we will set sail."


    The ships of the Yuanwang series are 10 years old; trek-5” and “Long trek-7” in 2016. 

    The leading Chinese dancer shared the secrets of mastery and spoke about her approach to the ancient art

    Traditional Chinese dance requires not only precision of movements and talent, but also high internal control. The leading dancer of the country spoke about her love for ancient art and its modern adaptation to the China Media Corporation. Tang Shiyi, a performer of the National Opera and Ballet Theater of China, is known to viewers and critics for her gift of reincarnation and a wide creative range. For her dance is a constant evolution of her own personality.


    The artist's repertoire includes leading roles in performances based on the history of the Middle Kingdom. So, she danced the part of one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, which are symbols of female beauty. Tang Shiyi notes that traditional Chinese dance needs a different approach than other genres of choreography.
    < br> KP-126-56.jpg
    Tang Shiyi, LeadingBest Dancer of the National Opera and Ballet Theater of the People's Republic of China:

    “Oriental art is restrained. And traditional Chinese dance is different from many other genres. Ballet, for example, requires an open and direct manner of performance. However, traditional Chinese dance shows moderation, it can change pace and develop into a completely different type of temperament. In traditional Chinese dance, control of one's strength and emotions is very important. I constantly comprehend more and more new nuances of this art. Everything I do opens up new possibilities and perspectives for me.”


    Tang Shiyi has been dancing since childhood. In the entrance exams to the Beijing Dance Academy, she scored the highest scores. The talent that distinguished her among her peers provided the girl with a job immediately after graduation. The young artist performed more than ten main roles in various performances and shows. Then, her first solo performance entitled "Smooth Dance from Tang Poetry" premiered. In the center of the plot is a girl who for the first time joins the traditional Chinese culture. Reading poetry from the Tang Dynasty awakens in her previously unknown emotions. 


    Tang Shiyi, Principal Dancer, National Opera and Ballet Theatre, China:
    “In my roles I always integrate elements of traditional dance. But they are undergoing modern artistic processing. We don't portray traditional characters directly, instead we want to convey an aesthetic. Therefore modern movements and postures can be used. The viewer will not consider such a performance very conservative, but there will still be a recognition effect. I think this approach will help make traditional dance more popular.”


    Now Tang Shiyi is trying his hand as a director and continues to study the latest trends in choreography . Her greatest desire is to introduce traditional Chinese dance to the world.

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