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Cambodia summit to discuss fighting the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic

08.09.2020 120 просмотров

The Asia-Europe Summit will be held in Cambodia in 2021.

Countries participating in the Asia Europe Forum (ASEM) at the  cambodia summit in 2021 will discuss combating the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. This is stated in the message of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the ministerial statement of coordinators of the forum, which was distributed on Monday.

"Ministers called on all ASEM countries to coordinate actions in the post-pandemic period with focus on ensuring socio-economic recovery, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including by stimulating investment, strengthening interconnectedness, supporting business contacts and  tourism, market stabilization.     planned to focus on these issues during the 13th ASEM Summit, which will be held in Cambodia in 2021,  

The ministers reaffirmed their readiness to continue joint steps in the fight against coronavirus and increase the exchange of experience and information in order to control and stop the further spread of the infection. “The actions of medical personnel and  volunteers working on the frontline fight against coronavirus were highly appreciated, - the message says.

The parties separately emphasized the importance of international cooperation in the development and supply of vaccines, diagnostics and treatment of the population. “In this context, the need to ensure the smooth operation of health care systems, development between the countries participants of the forum of relations in scientific, innovative and technological fields is pointed out. In order to further expand cooperation in prevention and combating infectious diseases, efforts were supported to build up the laboratory capacity of the countries most in need through joint research and exercises, 

Ministers also stressed the importance of ensuring a continuous cross-border flow of essential goods and services across the ASEM space and agreed to jointly resolve any disruptions in the provision of assistance to those in need.

ASEM is an informal interregional dialogue process for cooperation in politics and security, financial, economic and socio-cultural spheres. Established in March 1996. There are 53 members: 22 from Asian and 31 from Europe. The coordinators of the Asian group are Russia and Singapore, the European -the European Commission and Germany.

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