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Benjamin Netanyahu to form Israeli government

18.04.2019 147 просмотров

The corresponding order was given by the President of the country Reuven Rivlin.

It is reported that following the results of the parliamentary elections held in the country, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin instructed the head of the Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, to form a new government of the state.

Israel: Victory
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parliamentarians [out of 120] recommended You have been beaten,” Rivlin said. 

Earlier in Israel, parliamentary elections were held, as a result of which the Netanyahu bloc secured victory with the help of deputies from religious and right-wing deputies, who received a total of 65 seats in parliament.

A leader is elected as a candidate for prime minister of Israel - a representative of the party that received the largest number of seats in the country's Knesset. 

Note that, according to state law, Netanyahu has 28 days to form a new government Israel, as well as the possibility to extend this period by two weeks.

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