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The attack on the weather balloon, new drugs from COVID-19, the triumph of light — see "Chinese Panorama"-482

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 482):
  • The Chinese Foreign Ministry protested against the destruction of a Chinese balloon in the United States New antiviral drugs have become a breakthrough in the national pharmaceutical industry
  • The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire celebrated the Lantern Festival

The Chinese Foreign Ministry protested against the destruction of a Chinese balloon in the United States The Chinese authorities expressed sharp dissatisfaction with the destruction of a civilian unmanned balloon in the United States, which flew from China.

The Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China called this attack an overreaction and a violation of international practice. Beijing has sent an official statement to Washington that it reserves the right to retaliate.

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According to Chinese data, the balloon was used for meteorological observations and for other scientific purposes. He went off course and ended up in U.S. airspace due to strong westerly winds and limited maneuvering capabilities. The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that the American side has been repeatedly informed about this.

New antiviral drugs have become a breakthrough in Chinese pharmaceuticals

Regulators have approved the use of two new medicines developed in China for the treatment of COVID-19. According to experts, the drugs will reach patients in a month.

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One of them is the drug VV116, intended for patients with mild and moderate symptoms. Clinical studies have shown that it significantly accelerates recovery and has other beneficial properties. Professor Shen Jingshan and his research team from the Shanghai Institute of Medicine have been working on the creation of this medicine since January 2020.

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Shen Jingshan, Professor, Shanghai Institute of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences: "We conducted tests with all variants of the coronavirus and recorded the same levels of activity.
According to our estimates, two new drugs will remain effective in the future – in the treatment of new varieties of COVID-19. This is a forecast based on scientific data."

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Zou Jianjun, President of the Research division of the Chinese Biopharmaceutical Company: "We started commercial production of drugs immediately after they received regulatory approval.
By increasing the volume of new medicines, we will be able to meet the demand for them in full accordance with the realities of the pandemic."

Medical experts call the new drugs a real breakthrough of the pharmaceutical industry in China.

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Zhao Dahai, Executive Director of the Health Center of Shanghai University of Transportation: "The appearance of these novelties has shown that the level of scientific work in Chinese pharmaceuticals has significantly increased.
The fact that the Chinese government constantly supports the research and development of domestic medicines also played an important role. Now more than 95% of them are not original drugs, but generics. But the companies of China are working to reduce this share, making serious breakthroughs."

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The second novelty was antiviral pills Xiannuoxin, which was also developed by the Shanghai Institute of Medicine. Although both drugs have received official approval, pharmaceutical companies will continue to investigate them to get more information about even the most minor side effects.

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The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire celebrated the Lantern Festival

The grand Lantern Festival concluded the two-week celebrations on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. By tradition, this festival falls on the first full moon of the coming year.

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Residents of Jiangxi Province celebrated it with dragon dances, acrobat performances and other representations. Kunzhu jugglers and masters of traditional opera performed in Jiangsu province. A kite of lanterns rose into the night sky of Liaoning Province, and one of the largest light shows in the world took place in Sichuan Province. These large-scale installations have long been the hallmark of the Zigong City District.

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Shen Hongyue, Head of the Lantern Manufacturers Association, Zigong: "This festival embodies people's desire for a better life and our long-standing traditions of celebrating the New Year according to the lunar calendar.
Here you can immerse yourself in the fabulous atmosphere of the holiday, feel the unique spirit of our history and culture."

Each light installation at the festival is a real masterpiece at the intersection of art and modern technology. Here you can see life-size pagodas, dinosaurs and a mobile mechanical rabbit with a height of 26 meters.

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Shen Hongyue, Head of the Lantern Manufacturers Association, Zigong: "The authors called him the "cute rabbit of a thousand lanterns."
It is made in a modern style, it is the largest light installation in the country in the form of a symbol of the coming year. Zigong masters are constantly trying something new in the manufacture of lanterns: they change the size of the figures and tell fascinating stories with the help of dynamic lighting."

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About 100 thousand residents of the Zigong City District are engaged in the production of lanterns. Most often, local craftsmen make them by hand. Welders give figures amazing shapes, electricians hide wires in them, and decorators cover them with fabric. The masters say that there are no trifles in this art.

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Yi Chenghao, representative of the factory for the production of light installations: "There are traditions of making lanterns in many regions of China.
Against their background, Zigong technologies are particularly flexible. They can turn anything into a lantern here. It is thanks to this concept that our installations are known abroad and tell the whole world about modern China."

Zigong has been famous for its lanterns for more than a thousand years, it even has an unofficial name "the city of a thousand lights". However, it's not limited to one thousand — during the festival, local streets are drowned in a whole sea of light installations of all colors, shapes and sizes.

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