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Armenia ready to normalize relations with Turkey

14.01.2022 144 просмотров

Armenia expects to establish diplomatic relations with Turkey and open its borders.

Armenia expects Turkey to establish diplomatic relations and open borders as a result of dialogue with the participation of special representatives of the two countries. As Armenpress agency reported on Thursday, this was stated by the press secretary of the Armenian Foreign Ministry Vahan Hunanyan.

“Armenia's expectations from this dialogue are essentially the same as the s s from the early 1990s. We expect that as a result of the process, diplomatic relations will be established between Armenia and Turkey, the border between the two countries, which was unilaterally closed by Turkey in the early 90s, will be opened,” he said.

According to Hunanyan, Armenia has always stated that it is ready to normalize relations with Turkey without preconditions. “As we have already noted, in our contacts with international partners, we repeatedly emphasized the need to respect the principle of 'no preconditions'. In our opinion, the Turkish government also shares the approach of starting a dialogue without preconditions,” he added.

The press secretary of the Armenian Foreign Ministry also specified that the first meeting of the special representatives of Armenia and Turkey on establishing a dialogue between the two countries, which is scheduled for 14 January in  Moscow, will be for informational purposes only. “One should not expect that as a result of a single meeting it will be possible to achieve tangible results, but the process will be launched,” he said.

Ankara appointed former Turkish Ambassador to the United States Serdar Kılıç to the post of special representative, and Yerevan appointed Deputy Chairman of Parliament Ruben Rubinyan.

Despite common border, there are no diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey. In  2009, in Zurich, the foreign ministers of the two states signed protocols on the establishment of diplomatic relations and on the principles of relations, however, these documents were not ratified by the parties. On March 1, 2018, Armenia announced the annulment of the protocols.

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