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Opening Asia for Russia

Alan Gagloev named the main priorities of the foreign policy of South Ossetia

25.05.2022 122 просмотров

The main vector of South Ossetia's international policy is integration with the Russian Federation.

The development of allied relations and integration with Russia is a priority direction of the international policy of the Republic of South Ossetia, President of South OssetiaAlan Gagloev said on Tuesday in assuming office.

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“Now the most acute geopolitical situation is developing in the world. We believe that the measures taken by our strategic partner, the Russian Federation, are fully consistent with the threat to national security hanging over the countries that are part of the  Russian world. Today and always, South Ossetia will be permanently loyal to its strategic friend. We will never forget that it was Russia that sent aid to South Ossetia and protected the people from destruction. Relations of alliance and integration with Russia is our main vector of international policy, - said Alan Gagloev.

In South Ossetia, on May 8, the second round of presidential elections was held, they were recognized as valid. The acting head Anatoly Bibilov and the leader of the Nykhas political party Alan Gagloev.


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