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A new book by the leading orientalist of the country entered the top 25 books in the Politics genre

10.11.2020 47 просмотров

Aleksey Maslov's new book "China 2020. Pandemic, Society and Global Alternatives" entered the top 25 books in the Politics genre. The professor spoke about this in his Telegram channel.

“This is a story about the logic in which China has developed over the past decades, why there was a need for a careful change in the model, and how the events of 2020 partially helped, and partially prevented this transformation,” explains Acting Director of the Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the HSE School of Oriental Studies , member of the Public Council of the TV channel "Big Asia".

What is happening with the social situation and the economy of China in 2020 and how stable is it under the impact of the epidemic? What is the real essence of the confrontation between the US and China, why did it escalate so sharply during the pandemic, and how will Europe behave against this background? How and why did China manage to almost overcome the epidemic in such a short time and how frank was Beijing in its information about the scale of the disease? 

This is reflected in his new book Aleksey Maslov.

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