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Japanese scientists have reported that deer from Nara Park are genetically different from other relatives

31.01.2023 NHK 70 просмотров

Researchers reported that wild deer living in Nara Park in western Japan are genetically different from deer that live in neighboring areas.

They say that these deer have become a separate genetic group, since they have been protected since ancient times as messengers of deities.

Herds of Japanese deer living in the Nara Park in the ancient capital have been designated as a natural monument of Japan.

Scientists from Fukushima University, Yamagata University and Nara University of Education have been studying the genetic code of three hundred deer from the vicinity of Nara Park and from other areas of the Kii Peninsula, located south of the city of Nara, for about 20 years.

They found that the deer living in and near the park have a unique genotype. It is believed that this species of deer appeared at least a thousand years ago.
According to scientists, the discovery suggests that since then these animals have not had contact with deer living nearby.

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