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Vietnamese animal rights activist saves pangolin lizards from poachers

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Endangered pangolins are being rescued in Vietnam.

Nguyen Van Tai is a famous Vietnamese animal rights activist. His organization, Save Vietnam Wildlife, works to save pangolin lizards, rare animals whose carcasses are highly valued on the black market. The story of Wang Tai began in his youth, when he witnessed the massacre of a female pangolin. To escape, the animal curled up into a hard scaly ball.

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"With this scaly mechanism, she would be able to protect herself from all her natural predators, but not from killing by human hands," says the animal rights activist.

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This experience pushed Van Tai Dedicate your life to protecting pangolin lizards. He started out as a volunteer and in 2014 founded Save Vietnam's Wildlife, which has rescued about 1,600 pangolins since its inception. More than 60 people work with Tai.

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"When we look at them, we think they're scary because they look like dinosaurs," continues Nguyen Van Thai. - But actually pangolins are really cute and shy, unable to attack or pose a threat to humans. But we are causing their decline, which could lead to extinction."

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Lizards are one of the best-selling mammals in the world, with tens of billions of dollars on the black market. Various organs of pangolins are used in traditional medicine, supposedly they can cure many diseases, from cancer to male impotence. The Wan Tai organization, together with rangers and local residents, patrols and destroys the traps set by poachers. By the way, Wang Tai's guide to saving and caring for lizards has been published in international academic journals, and this year the animal rights activist was awarded the world's top environmental prize, the Goldman Prize. By her example, Van Tai inspires others to fight for pangolin conservation.

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"I started here from scratch," said Tran Van Truong of Save wildlife of Vietnam. -  The job was completely new to me. And Wan Tai was always there to help and point me in the right direction. The results achieved by Van Tai and his team are a huge motivation for me to work in this area.

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Well, this is how Van Tai describes the moment when it all comes together: "The most wonderful moment in the life of all the conservationists in my organization is when the rescued lizards slowly return to the forest, because the forest is their real home.

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