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Uprdor "Yenisei" prepares highways for the flood

16.03.2021 240 просмотров

The federal highways of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Tyva and Khakassia are preparing for the passage of the spring flood.

36 special brigades, 163 units of equipment are involved in carrying out anti-flood measures, more than 40 thousand cubic meters of inert materials have been procured.

For the period of the flood, round-the-clock duty is organized, snow is removed daily from the subgrade and roadsides, the inlets and outlets of culverts are cleaned from snow and ice, for the unimpeded passage of the ice drift, the road builders arrange slots in the ice in the bridge space.

Particular attention is paid to the most flood-prone sections of roads. In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the risk of water level rise exists in the Pashenka, Poyma, Oya rivers, in Tyva - in the Turan, Uyuk, Seserlig, Torgalyk rivers, as well as in the Bai-Bulun, Cheremukhovy and Deciduous streams.

Road services are ready around the clock to ensure uninterrupted and safe traffic on federal roads during the spring flood. In the event of emergency situations, you must contact the on-duty dispatch service of FKU Uprdor "Yenisei" by phone +7 (391) 265-01-12.

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